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WEST RIDE 2018 autumn and winter design concept "A WAY OF LIFE"

by May club 09 Sep 2018 0 Comments

This season's theme comes from David Mann's antique hanging paintings in the early 1970s, which have the slogan "A WAY OF LIFE".

We have introduced David Mann before ( for more information, please click here ). This master has many works, you must have read them! His talent in painting was favored by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth (author of Rat Fink), who published his paintings on the back page of the Choppers magazine he founded, and also commissioned his creations one after another!

David Mann's works span motorcycles and rider life in various periods, and he is regarded as a pioneer of motorcycle art! Without unnecessary words, he uses paintings to present the life scenes and details of the knights, as if he can gain a richer spiritual level through cycling or other hobbies.

The themes of previous seasons of WEST RIDE "WE CAN DO IT, BUT NOT FOR YOU" and "CHOPPER SAVED MY LIFE" are also one of the lifestyles of knights that this season's theme refers to!

However, there is not just one so-called lifestyle! On the contrary, everyone has different choices, and there is no standard answer for what is the best way. Riders are not just BIKER, nor are they just riding bikes. Just like we have previously produced "AS A" REAL BIKER" is a series of special topics ( please click here if you are interested ). Everyone plays a different important role in this society, and they also have their own life and experience outside of cycling!

French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent once said, "DRESSING IS A WAY OF LIFE (dressing is a way of life)." "Maybe fashion will change, but style is eternal, and your lifestyle itself is a style." , emphasizing that what is important is not the short-lived fashion, but an attitude towards life ~

What a joy it is for BIKERs to ride their bikes to various places to meet all kinds of people and color their lives! "LIFE IS SHORT", maybe life is short, so we should enrich every moment of life! This is also the reason why we pursue the concept of "LIVE TO RIDE, RIDE TO LIVE".

WEST RIDE respects everyone's role and lifestyle, and hopes to provide clothing suitable for various occasions to make every journey in life more exciting!

There are so many products on the market that are short-lived and fashionable but lack connotation and quality, but WEST RIDE is proud of its products! As a pioneer of the knight clothing brand, each item is derived from its own wearing experience and research on vintage clothing. It is entirely made in Japan. It not only pays attention to the handsome visual sense on the outside, but also pays equal attention to the comfort and durability of the clothing connotation. !


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