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Thank you for entering the official official website of May club. Our official website itself is an online store. For those who are shopping for the first time, we encourage you to log in in the upper right corner to officially register and become a member of the May club official website. After becoming a member, you will be able to control every personal purchase. Accumulative calculation, and reward discounts (such as birthday discounts, etc.) will be given from time to time for consumption. Sometimes the discounts will be sent to the E-MAIL you log in, so please be sure to fill in the information in detail. On the contrary, if the registration is not complete, It will be a loss of your rights and interests, and you will not be able to trace it back in the future. Please pay attention~


[Cumulative consumption reward discounts]

  • If you spend a total of NT$100,000 in the current year, you can enjoy the "10% off for the entire year" discount for the next year.
  • If you spend more than NT$200,000 in total in the current year, you can enjoy the "15% off for the entire year" discount for the next year.
  • If you spend a total of NT$10,000 in the current year, you can enjoy the "20% off for the entire year" discount for the next year.

【Birthday discount】

The birthday girl of the month will be able to enjoy a "one-time 10% off" discount. If you already enjoy membership discounts, you can apply for additional discounts, with the discount as low as 20% off.

Exclusive club for VIP members

As long as your annual spending reaches "NT$100,000", we will actively invite you to join the MAY CLUB VIP member private group we have established. In addition to pre-exposing new products, we will also issue various benefits and exclusive VIPs from time to time. Limited product.

(Members who have reached cumulative consumption will be re-invited every year, or as long as they purchase May club’s representative product Native American Silver Wallet Chain , they can also enjoy permanent VIP membership and a lifetime 10% discount)

※ special attention items:

  1. The prerequisite for all the above discounts is that you must log in and register before making a purchase, so that each transaction record can be accumulated in your name and cannot be traced back ! Especially the birthday option must be filled in to enjoy the birthday discount.
  2. The discount code will be sent to your registered email (account). Please be sure to fill in the correct email address to avoid missing out on your own rights.
  3. The above discounts can be applied to in-store consumption and online shopping, and can only be used by the individual. If a shared account is found, the discount qualification will be disqualified to show fairness, please forgive me.

    Shopping credits/discount codes

    Discount codes/shopping credits obtained through various channels can be redeemed immediately by entering the designated serial number and code at checkout. Welcome to subscribe to our e-newsletter, which will send you various preferential information from time to time.