Sunku 39, which is very popular in Japan, has a similar pronunciation to "Thank You" in Japanese. It is very meaningful to thank everyone and everything that has helped you along the way. Its works combine the diverse cultures from the 1950s to the 1970s, with Native American handicrafts. Accessories created from hippies, music and art, free creation, and combined with modern essential ideas. The works are not limited to glass beads, but also include a series of silver jewelry. The culture of trading beads also adds a historical color.

SunKu uses a large number of century-old Antique Beads, combined with some natural stones, and hand-made by craftsmen, allowing you to deeply appreciate its connotation and value when wearing it! Its unique charm has been favored by many Select Shops, such as Japanese Beams, Freak's Store, United Arrows, etc. It is sold.

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