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West Ride newly developed Thermal reflex system high-performance thermal insulation material

by May club 14 Nov 2018 0 Comments

The West Ride brand was founded in Niigata, Japan, known as the country of snow. Therefore, it has always been committed to excellent thermal insulation in the production of clothing, from textiles to fabric development, and the filling of the jacket is either natural down or functional thermal insulation. The selection of materials is also based on the highest grade materials on the market that can withstand the harshest climate environments!

West Ride has not only established its reputation as the strongest down jacket with its All New Racing Down Jacket, but in recent years has also used the characteristics of high-tech materials to launch a variety of jackets with lightweight and warm designs. This year, a more powerful high-performance new thermal insulation material Thermal reflex system was developed based on DuPont's ComfortMax patent of the United States. It once again demonstrated its strong development capabilities and can also be seen with its production intentions. It can be said that it is not inferior to Outdoor The first-line knight brand of a specialized brand! !

The so-called Thermal reflex system uses the most advanced textile carding technology to achieve an extremely fine fiber layer structure. The air can be evenly distributed among the tissue fibers, and has excellent warmth retention, lightness and softness. At the same time, it has special properties. The metal particle coating enhances the reflection of heat radiated by the human body, and has a stronger warmth retention ability than ordinary temperature control materials.

With this newly developed high-performance thermal insulation material, West Ride not only improves the effectiveness of the brand's regular thermal jackets, but also launches new works with various exclusive fabrics every season, which is worth looking forward to! Although Taiwan is not colder than Japan, the extreme climate will only become more severe year by year, and the winter will become more severe and colder. If you prepare in advance, you will not have to suffer from bruises every time a cold wave comes, or even go abroad. Don’t worry about it in the cold zone!

Come directly to the store to learn about this season's latest materials and try out the most powerful thermal items!

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