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Representative of Japanese Kustom Kulture - Shakin' Shimizu Chimi

by May club 05 Nov 2023 0 Comments

11/18 ~ 11/21 will usher in Master Shakin''s first painting event in Taiwan!

Today I will introduce to you this Japanese Kustom Kulture representative~


Shakin' Shimizu Chimi is a household name in Japanese motorcycle circles. He is a heavyweight artist who has been active since the early days of Kustom Kulture's development in the 1990s.

Ibaraki was born in 1965. Since he was a child, he has had the idea of ​​"wanting to ride a unique and handsome motorcycle." Maybe there are a million different interpretations of "handsome", but Mr. Shakin' believes that everyone must want to be cooler and more handsome to some extent, whether it is wanting to drive faster than others, pursuing uniqueness or wanting to You have to dress to attract attention, and he does everything with this "desire for better" mood!

For motorcycles and cars, it goes without saying that they are functional for transportation, but because of the idea of ​​"wanting to be more handsome", the existence of customized parts, modification shops or clothing stores has been derived.

When he was a student, he made up his mind to learn skills at the Custom Paint Shop. Following his interest after graduation, he worked for a well-known Japanese parts manufacturer and a motorcycle shop in Yokohama, accumulating motorcycle-related knowledge and painting qualifications. After coming into contact with Kustom Kulture in my 20s, I was inspired to start learning Pinstripe and Lettering. My free development style is unique.


Based on his love for American culture and rich experience, he was established in 1992 Shakin' Speed ​​Graphix, specializes in customization of motorcycles and cars. Different from the general Custom Bike's detailed division of labor, except for the engine, almost all modifications and painting Shakin' can do it all , and is quite famous for custom modifications on Harley motorcycles!

Image 1
Image 2

Shakin' believes that "if the person selling the product does not use the product himself, how can he be convincing?" The same is true when it comes to custom-made motorcycles. He loves riding bikes very much and is also well-known. Basara is a member of the old Harley team. In addition to renovating old cars to look cool and cool, he also plays with various types of bikes.

because Shakin' personally particularly likes the American style of the 1960s and 1970s, especially the rich and interesting American signature culture. He incorporates pinstriping, flame, and shiny designs into his works. Especially the large-area text color blocks, color matching, leaf, lightning, rendering, gold and silver foil techniques, signature combination with three-dimensional items, etc., you can all recognize it at a glance. Shakin' The hand of a master.

He is capable, has ideas, is very popular, and he also understands and loves cars. He can be seen in all the big and small events in the retro car circle. Shakin' himself is the soul of the Have fun sand circle race. Others include Senrihama drag race, the famous old car competition AVCC, Dusters, Flat's race, etc. Many people and cars on the field are related to him. Maybe he is Shakin' himself competes in person, or there may be cars modified by him, cars and helmets painted by him, or the contestants may be Shakin' has designed and painted signs for clients and more.

Almost all of the big names in the car industry and well-known modified car shops have cooperated with him, such as Jacksun's, Hardly-Driveable, Brat-Style, Heiwa, Hide, Cheetah, and the entire team of Lao Ha Racing Team Basara are also looking for him. Shakin' paintings also have brand co-branding, such as Beetle, Shoei, Neighborhood, Mooneyes, Wesco, Stop Light, etc.

In addition to motorcycle-related works, there are also snowboard brands co-branded with them to launch limited-edition painted snowboards , motorcycle agents and Shakin' launches co-branded kit. Including Yokohama HRCS and many stores have regular invitations every year Shakin' participates in events and holds regular classes with Paint Shop to teach Pinstripe techniques to cultivate the younger generation of artists. Exclusive interviews in magazines are often seen, and the popularity is quite high!

Photo by Gentemstick Japan
Photo from
Photo from Clutch magazine

His career now spans more than 30 years. Because he has personally experienced various interesting activities, he has not lost his enthusiasm while honing and improving his skills. On the contrary, he has always enjoyed the atmosphere of work. Make beautiful works of art, so that his works can always inspire more sparks!

In recent years, because there are so many works, Shake Signs was founded to separate the design of signboards from the works. As mentioned before, large-area proportions and color distribution are his strengths. Of course, many famous stores will not miss it. Shakin' master's signature creation!

Shakin' has many types of works, but it is not difficult to see that this senior enjoys every process of becoming more handsome. If you want to sum it up in one sentence The characteristic of Shakin' 's works, I think, is definitely "the pursuit of "coolness" while still being interesting"!

More works are shared below:

We specially invited masters to draw four different styles of Beetle co-branded hats in advance. in four kinds Shakin' unique style to interpret , today is the first to expose a work, this exhibition will also be introduced in detail and open Shakin' Custom series, please continue to pay attention!

- Shakin' in TAIWAN 1th event information-
11/18 May club Taipei
11/19 Ride Free 14
11/20 May club Taichung
11/21 May club Taichung

The event quota is almost full, if you have items you want to paint, hurry up and make a reservation! Especially for items or cars that are large and difficult to carry, it is even more important to seize this rare opportunity for the master to come to Taiwan!

Below I also share two videos of Master Shakin', let's feel the "handsome" atmosphere together~

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