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by Dragon Chiu 03 Apr 2024 0 Comments

In American English, many words have the meaning of journey, but "Journey" is the word that means the longest time and journey among many words that represent journey. Thinking of "Journey" as various experiences in a lifetime, it can also be said to be the most appropriate and naturally integrated word.

If you have the experience of driving in the vast United States, if you stop and look back at the important people and things or the footprints you have left, and then look at the endless road ahead, it will feel like you are in the " Long Journey " of this life. Stopped briefly. Clarify your thoughts and move forward, and grow into a Long Rider day by day.

The word "Journey" originated in the mid-14th century, meaning travel from one place to another. It comes from the Old French "Journee", which translates as "a day's work or journey." Words related to "Journee" include "Journal" (diary) and "Journalism" (news), which can also be traced back to the Latin "Diurnus", which has the meaning of "daily".

To put it more clearly, the reason why " Journey " is more suitable to be used in the sentence " Life is a Journey " than " Travel " and " Trip " is because just like its original meaning, live each day fully and simply. This is the key to continuing this journey of life!

This echoes WEST RIDE's brand philosophy, hoping to add color to customers' daily lives and show their best. Because the destinations we want to go to, the people we want to see, and the things we want to do are different every day, WEST RIDE is also committed to being closer to the diverse needs of customers and providing a richer product line!

In the history of rock music, the famous song " Hotel California " by the Eagles has illuminated an entire era. However, the title song " The Long Run " of the last album released in 1979 has a deep sensibility that is different from its predecessor.

In the song, they sing "You can go the distance, We'll find out in the long run" which symbolizes the determination to keep moving forward. Even if the end of the road is unknown, we still choose to continue this journey. The important thing is that in this long journey , every step is a new beginning, and every day is full of possibilities.

Those who continue to take steady steps on the LONG ROAD will eventually be called LONG RIDER . Perhaps they will sometimes stop on the way before taking the next step. What is important is not the destination. What LONG RIDER pursues is the journey itself. meaning and value. Every day is fulfilling and exciting, which is the most beautiful scenery Long Rider has ever seen.

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