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by Dragon Chiu 22 Feb 2024 0 Comments

The autumn and winter SWEATSHIRTS series from ACVM are made of inner-brushed cotton made from antique knitting machines. There are only a very few of these machines left in Japan; because the weaving speed is very slow, it can produce fabrics that are very soft and fluffy to the touch. I think friends who come to the store to try them on will definitely feel a big difference. It is completely different from the fabrics produced by modern machines that focus on efficiency and speed.

And unlike the thinner SWEATSHIRTS in spring and summer, thicker fabric with raised inner layer is woven to achieve comfort and warmth, which is very suitable for autumn and winter.

This time, in addition to the well-known hat clips and hat T-shirts, new turtlenecks and henley collars are also launched. Each style has thoughtful details, such as the slim-fitting armholes with hat clips, which are ideal for wearing under leather jackets. The hat T with the classic LOGO printed on the back is decorated with PADD designs like military uniforms on the shoulders and elbows.

The high-neck style has long ribbing designs on the collar, cuffs and hem, which is very good at resisting the cold wind in winter. The new Henry collar style uses a 2-needle design, showing a relaxed style in warm materials.

Once you own one, you start collecting other colors or styles in the SWEATSHIRTS collection. I hope that all my friends can come to the store and experience the special features of this kind of fabric that are different from common mass-produced fabrics through wearing them.

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