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1994 Delica top-spec flip-top camper version Delica L300 4x4 Macaron Senka review

by clubMay 06 Mar 2024 0 Comments
After more than two years, I’m back to write a blog
I have been playing Lika for three and a half years. I wrote a blog on the first anniversary of Gray Card in 2021. At that time, it was divided into two parts.
Later, I met many friends who said they had seen it, and some even got into the trap because of it. I don’t know if it benefited them a lot or caused them a lot of harm.
But this is also one of the reasons why I want to sort out the 1303 fan club articles and IG articles.
In 2021, in addition to manual gray cards, there are also self-ranked white cards, topping fairy cards and green vision sky cards.
It was also from that time that I no longer worked on the car at the original car factory, but repaired and modified the car at another more professional car factory. This professional car factory will be mentioned later.
First, let’s talk about the top-level fairy card. The next article will talk about the green vision card, and then the next article will talk about the evolution of the gray card in the following two years.
The first 1303 kit was a flip-top kit, and the white truck became popular later and was also the first car to be equipped with the 1303 flip-top kit.
Let’s start with the painting of Xianka. I won’t take up too much space from here on. I’ll post the link to the fan club article. You can click on it and read it slowly. This article will first talk about the preliminary paint removal and sheet metal . Click here
Both the fairy card and the gray card were changed to the green vision butterfly window at this time.
Almost every car's glass has been replaced with new ones, but the one that's not new has been replaced with a better one.
Each one is dismantled and fully baked to make it clean and last longer. After the appearance is completed, the chassis, power and interior are completed.
If you look at some past links, you will know that almost every photo in the fan group has an explanation, so I won’t post them one by one on the blog, otherwise I would have accumulated 2,000 photos just for the fairy cards.
Basically, it means to grind as much as you can inside and outside, and as much as you can to sheet, instead of using too much soil to fill it. After everything is taken care of, apply primer and then sand it, add anti-rust paint, and apply glue to strengthen it. Click here for the second article on baking paint.
There are actually a lot of processes, just click on the fan club’s article link and take a look. The Xianka record is more complete than the gray card record.
The anti-rust paint is made of marine acid-resistant and alkali-resistant paint. It is not only used on the chassis, but also can be filled inside the car.
The same applies to applying structural glue to the car body. I apply several sticks. Many places in the car and rain gutters must be re-applied to get it right in one go.
Next up is the third article on baking paint. Click here to see more photos and explanations.
I adjust the colors of Xianka and Gray Card myself, and I also go to the paint factory almost every week to care and help.
Otherwise, it will be difficult to tell whether it is done well after baking, and it will take three to five years to know.
When painting, I am used to replacing all the rubber strips on the car, including the glass and lift, and also put on heat-insulating paper.
So if you want to ask me how much it takes to disassemble and bake the whole car, it depends on how far you want to go.
Both the fairy card and the sky truck have lines that I specially drew myself. Maybe someday the gray card will also be added. This is the mark of 1303.
The top of this macaron fairy card is the original Laimeng, but we have adjusted all the details to be better than Laimeng.
The original power chassis of the auto-discharge fairy card is incomparable with another auto-discharge white card.
The white card was once a car that car enthusiasts cared for with great care. Later, I got to know Super Love because of this car, and later got to know Douhua, who has been cooperating with car modifications for more than two years. He is also the more professional car manufacturer I mentioned earlier - The boss of Showa Automobile Industry, let’s talk about painting later. After that, let’s talk about the first kit of 1303 - the flip-top kit.

Japanese Mitsubishi original Camping car catalog in the 1990s, Camper van in cooperation with Reimo
At more than 4 million yen back then, it was probably twice as expensive as the Green Vision. This catalog also proves that the top-top Delica can be said to be the most advanced existence in the L300 series.
The Xianka top is the original Laimeng top, not a Taiwanese product that was later remolded. The strength of that batch of tops was not good enough.
We made the 1303 lift-top kit to enhance the strength that a new product should have. After all, the Laimeng lift-top kit has been around for more than 20 years now.
It is even more necessary to use modern beauty and practicality to create more optional details to show the unique beauty.
Let Taiwan give birth to more on-point Xianka and continue to run on the road.
Click here to read fan club articles
There is a lot of trivial content, so I won’t upload every fan club article here.
Let’s first look directly at the photos of Macaron Senka going to events and camping after installing the top.
It’s already the end of 2021
The fairy roof of DreamWorks Shida was also installed by us, and it is also a Laimeng roof.
But in fact, in addition to the finishing and strengthening of the top itself, 89% of the other peripheral parts are also made of 1303 kits.
The original condition of the top is certainly not good enough after more than twenty years.
But we can be considered as saving another League of Legends top
And it is a more enhanced and upgraded 1303 fairy top kit
If you want to see more details, click here
If anyone wants to change the roof of Delika now, it will be us at 1303 Development and Construction
Also shown at the same show, the second kit of 1303 - the row light kit, has been sold for two years from the beginning of 2022 to now.
The first batch will be sold out immediately on the same day
There are also several kits for 1303 in the future. Basically, I make what I want. I am also grateful to many car enthusiasts for their love.
The fan group has accumulated a lot of articles in the past two years. I only selected a few relevant key links. If you are interested, you can go to the article.
Let me mention the white card again and read this article . Because I bought this unit and got to know Chao Ai and Dou Hua, I was able to have a lot of fun playing self-queuing.
At that time, a lot of thought was spent on the white card, and it was also the first flip card to be modified with the complete 1303 flip-top kit.
Although the macaron fairy card and white card flip card are no longer with me, I still feel handsome every time I see the photos.
After all, I had various intentions at that time, and each car had a different style.
Both of these cars are equipped with automatic transmission, and because they serve as comparison groups, we can understand the difference between good and bad automatic transmission cars.
Let me tell you novices who want to play Lika, automatic transmission and manual transmission cars each have their own advantages and disadvantages.
It’s true that an automatic car requires more effort, but if you can handle it as well as a manual car, I’ll talk about it later.
This is also my true feeling when I look back at the past two years of buying a car in Showa.
The more I play with Delica, I find that the original car factory cannot satisfy me. It is probably the difference between a general maintenance shop and a professional modification shop.
The aforementioned Douhua and Chaoai, both of them were very aggressive in playing card games in the early days.
But later they felt that a single vehicle type could not satisfy them, and they also developed into other fields.
At the beginning, I was introduced to Showa by Chao Ai to find Douhua. Douhua also looked like he didn’t want to touch Delika again. It was very interesting in retrospect.
At that time, Chaoai was already concentrating on developing integrated stationary cooling, and the Xianka air-conditioning system needed to be redone.
I suggested to Douhua that we simply do away with the middle row and install the indoor unit at the back instead.
But we need to change to an integrated cooling system, so without an outdoor unit, we can still blow out the cooling very quietly.
Douhua was given a problem from the beginning, but he and Chaoai like this kind of challenge, rather than playing conservatively and staying the same.
You can click this article for Xianka’s cold storage. Later, Tianka, Huika and even JIMNY also changed to the integrated cooling that I love.
I played like this for more than two years. Later, I showed up at Showa whenever I had free time, and learned a lot from Douhua.
In fact, after the air-conditioning construction was completed, I felt how the craftsmanship of Delica, which has been specialized in Delica for 20 years, should be
The previous car factory outsourced all kinds of things, but Douhua can be said to be specialized in everything. One person can do all the chassis power and other things.
Things are not just for installation. In fact, there are many eyebrows and heels that need to be adjusted. Click here for fan club articles.
It can be said that I did not upgrade the braking system before, because I always thought that the source of the multiplier was the key point.
In Showa, I finally switched to a BCB multiplier. In the subsequent gray cards, Tiankas and even Dodges, I changed to BCB for every one.
It was only after I replaced it that I realized how good this thing is. Correct installation and adjustment can make the product work best.
It’s not that I just dislike the product as bad. Strictly speaking, it’s the difference in professionalism. I won’t say too much about some things because they still want to do business.
The purpose of modifying a car is to meet the needs of car owners. This is what I have constantly felt since I arrived in Showa.
There is another important point about the self-discharging Delica, which is the gearbox.
The condition of the engine and the adjustment of peripheral power, if there is no good transmission output, it will definitely be a big discount.
In Showa, I replaced every one with a Japanese-standard foreign exchange gearbox. The white gearbox in the automatic control group was replaced first (the engine was in good condition).
Compared with Xianka, only the engine was redone, and the original gearbox was relatively poor. After replacing the foreign exchange gearbox, you can clearly feel the difference.
But Xianka's engine was actually not well made (yes, it was the former car manufacturer again). Later, I heard that many engines had similar problems.
At least the replacement of the foreign exchange gearbox saved a lot, and many car owners followed suit.
The benefits of some things can really only be felt by the car owner. For example, adjusting the timing of shifting gears is actually very important, and it must also match the car owner’s driving style.
There are really too many things to talk about, but at that time I was more interested in having fun, so I just read this article.
I was busy with work at that time, and I had to change the Xianding, and then the car factory also had to get the Xianka, and the Green Vision was also in progress at the same time.
I have four fun machines at the same time and play them all the time. In fact, I just want to play Delica thoroughly and then play something different. I often laugh at myself that I love to change my life.
Although I have been sharing the process of getting a car in the fan group for more than two years, I have never integrated it into the blog. It was not until recently that I heard too many tragic experiences of car enthusiasts that I decided to write this article.
Apart from enjoying themselves, fan groups occasionally talk a little bit more, like this article , especially the self-draining cooling system, which needs to be paid attention to.
For example, I have a self-draining oil temperature gauge. The water temperature and oil temperature in the camping area in the photo were too high when Senka was only halfway through cleaning them.
Of course, after going down the mountain, there will be directions for adjustments and modifications. After the Tenka Green Vision is completed, it will be no problem to start the experiment in the same camping area.
Between the foreign exchange gearbox and the finished Taiwan-made gearbox, I will still choose the former. I will talk about it when I have the chance.
This is also related to the engine power and surroundings, including the exhaust temperature. I have also observed it. If the car is in a good mood, the mood will be good, and the more fun you will have along the way.
Delica is really not that complicated. The people digging the holes are actually people.
I digress too much, let’s talk about the 1303 lift-top kit. At that time, it was also constructed on the new Delica. See this article for more detailed photos.
So far, every fairy card we sell here is not exactly the same, because the details can be customized.
The new Delica still has many aspects that are the same as the four-pass Delica, so there is no problem in changing it to Immortal Top.
In fact, the original factory also has new products with many materials. I am accustomed to buying the original products if I can buy them from the original factory. If the ones modified outside are better, I will use the modified ones.
I did the sound insulation, heat insulation and shockproofing of both the Gray Card and the Macaron Fairy Card myself, but the materials used were a little different.
Later, I changed the green vision card to different materials, and recently re-pasted the gray card again. Practice makes perfect, so the more you stick it, the better.
And you can put it on while blowing the cold, it’s really comfortable, you can see almost thirty photos in this article
Every time I drive a Xianka to go camping, I like to take pictures of the spacious feeling inside the car. You can stand in the car on the middle floor of the building.
It looks pleasing to the eye and has good texture. It’s not just about being handsome on the outside. The condition of the car is getting better as it gets better. It also feels good to park in the car, so you don’t have to worry about going out.
For more photos and videos, you can also check out IG’s 1303ftmc . Some of them I post more on IG, and more people from abroad watch them.
1303 The third kit is the car side tent bracket, which is also the item sold to the most countries.
In fact, the flip-top kit is also very popular in foreign countries, but the shipping cost has increased too much during the epidemic, so it is difficult to get it out.
As for the lamp kit, I was afraid that the lamps would be damaged easily when shipped abroad, so I only sold the bracket separately.
There are actually car side tent brackets on the market, but I wanted to make one that was stronger and more in line with my aesthetics.
Both Xianka and Tianka are installed, but now I no longer produce them. 1303 is just doing what I want at the time.
As I write this article, the Nakajima kit is being produced, the front desk kit is being trialled, and there is another secret that is also being developed.
These will be mentioned in the next two articles. Every development takes time. If you are interested in the 1303 kit, please visit the fan group.
Attached is an article from mid-2022. At that time, gray cards, fairy cards, and sky cards were all being developed at the same time. Click here
At that time, I was also seriously considering whether to stay in the top-down or green horizon. After all, they are both self-queuing, so I just have to play it.
Also shown in the same scene, you can also camp in summer. Staying cool is very important. It’s also great to be able to stand in the car. Click here
I found many things from Japan, such as gray card frames, unilateral lights to be modified, old Hella fog lights, etc.
If you are pursuing Japanese standardization, be sure to buy the magazine at that time. To see more, click here , the most advanced version of the L300 camper van Xianka
Later, I decided to sell fairy cards first, otherwise it would have reached the stage of carpentry inside, and there would be nothing else to change.
At that time, it was said that it would only be sold for five days. If it was not sold, I would sell the Green Vision, which was still in the painting stage at the time. As a result, the fairy card was the same as the white card. I sold it immediately after posting the article.
This fan club article must have been read by many people. Until now, many people still say that it is too late to buy it.
At that time, some people immediately said they wanted to buy a Green Vision or a Gray Card. I was very happy that the car I modified with great care was loved by everyone.
Xianka has a high exposure on IG, and the macaron Xianka also hit a high price at that time.
Click here to see more about my mentality at that time. In fact, I just wanted to play everything Delica could play.
Although I visited the former depot a few times in the early days of Senka reorganization, after reading this article I know that Senka was almost all made by Showa.
It’s the second anniversary of the gray card in silence. Click here to change tires from 30, 31, 32, and is currently moving towards 33 tires.
In fact, the 31 tires were all in Showa in the later period. In the middle, I only went back to the former car factory to replace the 32 tires. As for why I had to go back to the former car factory to replace them.
It was because the Xianka engine was not well made at the time. The former car manufacturer refunded the money and I directly asked them to order eight tires and I would make up the difference.
But later I found out that many car enthusiasts still misunderstood that fairy cards and gray cards were made at the former car factory, so I would like to use this article to clarify~
Click here . In fact, it is already near the end of 2022. I will also start flying abroad in my profession. The Green Vision Tenka will also be painted by then, and all construction will be done in Showa. I will talk to you about the next Green Vision article.
Many car enthusiasts know that I buy cars here, so they follow the right people and go the right way without spending the wrong money. I also keep track of the car condition of the fairy cards I sell, and occasionally we meet by chance at the car factory.
Later, after the Tenka was completed, I went camping with Xianka, and even went together to let the media take photos (this will be discussed in the next article)
In 2023, many people will start to go abroad, and many people will quit Delica, but at the same time, many newbies will join
Since playing Akka, I have done a lot of homework and spent a lot of time and energy. Strictly speaking, I have not spent the wrong money.
So I’ve been hearing that many people can’t finish cultivation and think Delica is a trap, but I don’t feel anything at all.
But it won’t be until I hear too many tragic stories in the second half of 2023 that I will start saying that finding the right person, taking the right path, and spending the wrong money are the most expensive. I really want to remind everyone.
After all, those who are still playing AKA now, I believe they all really love it, but more and more car enthusiasts are discouraged and quit the game (or even get cheated)
Play with cars instead of being played with cars, let alone others
Be a problem solver, not a problem creator
We are not repairing the car but modifying the car. The more we play and modify the car, the happier we will be.
I spent a few days sorting out some previous articles and writing them into a blog. I hope that fellow riders who are doing their homework can have some direction😊
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