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by May club 20 Dec 2018 0 Comments

Last year's The Nasty Wheels Race, hosted by a group of wild kids from Tainan on TNNBC , was our first time competing. As the article said at the time, the people gathered at the event were all passionate about culture, and they shared the same interests and hobbies, including running in the sand. The pleasure makes every moment memorable!

This year we are still not absent, although the event was canceled due to insufficient registration, which strengthened our idea of ​​​​being there to support! If the environment is no longer friendly to us, we must unite our efforts~

The shop car MC86 has also evolved this year. In addition to the hand-made custom parts, Fork modifications have also been added. The metal style is different from last year (laughs)

This year the sandy conditions are dry and the climate is cool and comfortable. The overall conditions are quite good! Many old car enthusiasts were also present, including Mark ( Mark Motorcycles ), David ( David MG-barber ) who previously filmed As a Real Biker, and several friends.

Several Laoha Tietou, Shovel, etc. and Lao Kai have been preparing for this event for a long time. Not only did they add a lot of visibility to the scene, but the communication with the young people was also a valuable experience!

Many friends at the scene were wearing the brands we represent, including Oceanbeetle, West Ride, Addict Clothes, Hardly-Driveable, etc. They looked cool! Thank you very much too!

I hope more friends can participate next year and it will be cool again! !

(The above excerpts are some photos, you can click on THE NASTY WHEELS RACE 2018 fan club album to view more)

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