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Review of Japan's top painting master Psycho's second visit to Taiwan!

by May club 27 Mar 2019 0 Comments

West Ride's main store in Niigata, Western River, holds Rumbling Art Show twice a year, and invites artists who have collaborated with us for many years to show off their amazing skills. In 2015, we attended the grand event for the first time and saw Master Psycho's powerful Custom Paint with our own eyes. Kustom Kulture had the idea to invite artists to Taiwan at that time, hoping that Taiwanese friends could truly experience the cultural charm of Kustom Kulture.

Later, our meetings at major auto shows also made our friendship become more familiar. After several invitations, Psycho finally came to Taiwan for the first time in 2018. Although it was only a short two-day event, it still brought many friends It was extremely shocking. With the creation on the spot, there were many praises. The customized orders were filled early. I stayed up late for two days in a row to complete all the works. Despite this, there were still many friends who were present at the time. It’s very frustrating to enter the event.

After last year's event, many friends continued to ask whether they would invite Master Psycho to Taiwan again? As the new store in Taipei was relocated in March this year and has a more spacious and comfortable event space, we strongly invite Psycho-san to arrange more ample time to come to Taiwan to meet you again!

This year we have scheduled twice as much time as last year, with two days for the Taipei store and two days for the Taichung store. The reservations are also fully booked before the event starts! Perhaps because of the experience of last year’s event, many friends have already thought about what kind of items they would like to ask the master to leave a souvenir on. There are many more unique items (laughs), and different uses are used on different fabrics. Paints and different coloring methods are used. Every stroke makes people marvel at the rich ideas and creative thinking in Master Psycho's mind! The hard foundation and real skills are really impressive!

Before returning to Japan, Master Psycho left a classic work on the wall of our new store in Taipei. He was inspired by the Eagle in May club’s original Indian silver jewelry, and combined it with Taichi Feather’s Tai Chi elements to create an image of a lifelike prey. The details of the shapes and brush strokes, whether realistic or monster style, are not a problem for him!

And this eagle will also become one of the items on sale for the seventh anniversary of our May club, so stay tuned!

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