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Taipei store relocation, Minsheng new address introduction

by May club 28 Mar 2019 0 Comments

May Club was founded in Taichung in 2012, and opened a Taipei branch in the East District in early 2016. Our relationship with our friends in the north began through the small store.

During the three years of operation of the Taipei store, May Club has been working hard to promote Kustom Kulture culture, and has even invited Japanese brand leaders and well-known artists to Taiwan many times. We feel the inconvenience of limited space when holding events, so we have continued to Looking for a more suitable new location, this year I have the opportunity to move to the current new store in Minsheng Community to meet everyone!

The facade, like the Taichung store and the old East District location, was painted by Kingson Artworks, making it more retro and eye-catching. The most important thing inside is the spacious and comfortable space. You can see a simple large counter when you enter, and there are jewelry cabinets and display tables next to the door. In addition, the store is also equipped with tables and chairs for resting, chatting and reading magazines. It is the old location in the East District. The metal check-in exterior wall has been completely moved to the store, which makes visiting customers and friends quite amazed. It is like the inheritance of the old and new stores, and the visual effect is also great!

The hooks on each wall of the store are used to display leather jackets. There is also space inside for product display. Safety helmets, clothing, pants, etc. are arranged in categories. The entire floor-to-ceiling mirror is decorated with retro lights, which also makes the shopping experience more exciting. More enjoyable!

Psycho-Grafix came to Taiwan this year not only to create comfortable indoor spaces, but also to paint a lifelike eagle with spread wings on the wall next to our counter. Combined with the display of Tai Chi elements, it will be used in the 7th anniversary items in the future. Let’s look forward to it together. Give it a try!

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