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Rare Fantasy Edition Zuo Ling Battle Model - 1945xx Details

by May club 13 Apr 2019 0 Comments

The replica denim series, co-operated by West Ride and the world-renowned denim workshop CSF (Conners Sewing Factory), this year also brings a more dreamy and absolutely worth collecting 1945xx version, which was born in the unique time and space background of the late World War II. The War Model has configurations not found in other years. At the time, due to forced compromises, it has become the most special feature now. The following will introduce them one by one:

  • Rare fantasy left damask denim fabric from the war era

The rarity of left-hand denim is also due to an accident under the war material control at that time. Levi's has always been made of right-hand twill fabrics. At the end of the world war, the denim materials allocated by the government were accidentally mixed with left-hand twill. Twill fabric, and Levi's will also use the obtained left twill fabric to make single products, creating a rare war denim, and the value of the rare left twill fabric is even more indescribable. In Japan, in 2018, a war left twill denim jacket was collected for a price of up to 8 million yen. It can be said that the "war left twill version" is not only an extremely precious and rare antique, but also a collector's dream item.

In the past, all kinds of denim products that were re-engraved with the War Edition had right-hand twill, but left-hand twill denim is unprecedented! Because most of WEST RIDE's denim products use original left-hand twill fabrics, WEST RIDE and CSF came up with the idea of ​​producing a left-hand twill war version, and the dreamy 1945XX was born!

WEST RIDE specializes in studying genuine fabrics from the 1940s, conducting a thorough analysis from yarn count to weaving twist, and re-developing a unique left-hand twill fabric specifically for 1945. It also uses the darkest blue in the world. The Japanese rope dyeing technique produces a unique color that is quite close to black, and the specially adjusted woven texture is very rough and uneven, making the unevenness of the surface more obvious, and can develop strong vertical brush marks and age after long-term wear. The wonderful color fall brings you the most unique Zuo Ling vs. Tanning!

Because it is not easy to develop fabrics, and the output of old-fashioned force looms is quite limited, only jeans but no denim jackets will be released this year. There is even a limit on the reservation quota for each store, but this will also make 1945xx more precious!

  • WW2 War Model Pocket Analysis

1945XX In addition to the use of the rare fantasy version of Zuo Ling fabric, there are also many details from the War Model in the appearance, such as the back pocket flower that has always been used as decoration, which was considered unnecessary by the Wartime Production Bureau (WPB) at the time. The cotton thread was depleted and was ordered to be cancelled, but the mimeographed bag flower was used to replace it, which became a rare and precious feature that only appeared during World War II. Of course, 1945XX also reproduced this charming feature, which can be seen as highly recognizable as WEST RIDE Working with the representative motorcycle expert to create deep curved bags, we can produce the most exquisite denim products while complying with WPB regulations!

The same impact of material control can also be seen in pocket linings. Pocket linings are also a hidden feature of the WWII war version. Most of the vintage items are conventional white cloth pockets, followed by military green herringbone fabric specifically for the US military. Because the production volume was large at that time, it was relatively easy to obtain. However, when there was a shortage of fabrics on hand, the only way was to get the remaining fabrics from the factory, such as leftover light-weight denim, the most precious of which were shirts. Clothed! In particular, flannel plaid is definitely the rarest and the first choice for high-end collectors!

The pocket lining of 1945XX continues to be made of WEST RIDE's most outstanding NEL thick cotton material. The exclusively developed hem HEAVY WEIGHT NEL COTTON is woven by an old-fashioned power loom unique to Niigata and can only be produced every day. The 25-meter-long slow weaving also brings a unique concave and convex texture with a very old feel, which perfectly matches the 1945s and is a wonderful feeling exclusive to the owner of the pants!

  • War Materials Control Hardware Fasteners

In order to save supplies for the war, in addition to the unique pocket features of the war version, changes in hardware fasteners also pushed the jeans to a more concise design. Not only did the Paris button for adjusting the back waist be eliminated, the Wartime Production Supervision Bureau (WPB) even announced on August 8, 1942 that the entire pair of trousers should not exceed nine bartacks or rivets except for the trouser ears. Therefore, the rivets on the trousers and pocket watch pockets were also cancelled, and only the back pockets were retained. The four hidden tacks on the front pocket and the stick stitching across the lower crotch are reinforced.

At the same time, due to the influence of material control (hardware fasteners are produced to unified specifications stipulated by the government to facilitate management), some rivets no longer have simple rivets with the company name engraved on them. There are even more versions of the crotch buttons. In addition to the original stock buttons, there are also hollow donut buttons that reduce resource waste. The most special thing is that the main button is specially decorated with a laurel crown to symbolize the victory of the war. Also because of the rich changes and the war version Its priceless historical significance has become the pursuit goal of many collectors!

Of course, not only the above obvious features, 1945xx is completely made by CSF manager Mr. Xiaozhong. Not only the tailoring, but also the selection of the smallest details of cotton thread to the stitch length of the sewing thread are all completely based on the 1945 period. The sewing techniques are reproduced, and the crazy details are difficult for real expert players to distinguish. It is definitely worth collecting!

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