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by clubMay 31 May 2019 0 Comments

After inviting Japan's top painting master Psycho to come to Taiwan in March this year, we also ushered in the most lively celebration of May club's seventh anniversary in May. Friends who are familiar with May club must be familiar with CxTxM, Knuckle, and BlackBoots. Congratulations, and also brought a series of joint commemorative products to make our event even more glorious!

This year’s seventh anniversary coincides with the relocation of the Taipei store. For the first time, the anniversary event will be held at the Taipei Minsheng store for three consecutive days instead of moving to the Taichung store. For this reason, we have discussed with these artists in Japan a few months ago to discuss co-branded products. Planning related content, in order to make the event more exciting! During the event, I saw many friends from central and southern China traveling thousands of miles to participate. Thank you very much!

Knuckle, the senior figure in Japan's Lowbrow art, is also a doll toy designer. The soft toys he has launched in recent years have caused a frenzy around the world. This year we specially asked him to design the Black Cat character for the seventh anniversary celebration. Weirdo Race is a commemorative limited product. Friends who have participated in the Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show will definitely understand the rarity of this Weirdo Race. It is always sold out instantly at the opening!

The quantity is limited by the rare old toys. Almost every Hot Rod is different. This Black Cat character is hand-painted by Knuckle. The colors of the eyes and scarf are different. The special thing is that there is May club 7th on the back. There were only seven pieces for sale on the day of the event. Before the store opened, fans lined up waiting to buy them. They also got Knuckle's autograph. It is definitely a work of art worth collecting!

Of course, the on-site spray painting is the highlight of the event that cannot be missed. If you have participated in previous solo exhibitions of dolls, you must be familiar with the spray painting works on the wall. A painting is a work of art worth over NT$10,000. I wanted to ask Knuckle to specially design Kustom at the scene. The creation of characters is even more rare. No matter what the theme is, he can't be troubled. He is truly a talented artist!

Cool Tattooing Masato (CxTxM) is one of the soul figures of Japanese American culture. He came to the United States alone at the age of 19 and has come into contact with many legends. He can talk eloquently about the history of American culture, such as Chopper, Hot Rod, Lowrider, etc. , many young friends present were flattered by Masato's kindness. Of course, they also learned a lot of experiences or stories from him during the conversation. It's no wonder that the industry respects CxTxM!

This time, in addition to old friends, some new friends also got tattoos from CxTxM. The tattoos were all drawn on the spot after discussion. Masato’s strong personal style and charming design talent also captured the hearts of many people. Praise again and again!

When discussing the 7th anniversary single product this time, we hoped to create a Chieftain ring style that can be worn every day. CxTxM, who is good at Skull creation , combined the two elements and derived the " City Indian " Chieftain Skull Ring. .

The ring is made by Blackboots Iwamae-san. He has a background as a designer and also specializes in the production of silver jewelry, which allows this ring to have both a sense of fierceness and meticulousness. The final product is also very impressive. satisfy! It has the unique brand style of both May club and CxTxM.

In addition, this year Knuckle and CxTxM also specially designed two 7th anniversary limited edition graphics for May club, which were hand-painted by Iwamae-san at the event. Before the end of the event, we also specially asked Iwamae-san to swipe a few more pieces as ready stock, so that friends who could not come to the event could also have a chance to get them. The quantity is extremely rare, and almost every style and size is the last one left. One piece, please be sure to grab it!

I share photos of many events with you, and I hope to invite several senior artists to come to Taiwan next year, so that more friends can come and experience the culture we love in person!

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