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Don’t know HWY yet? It’s time to meet Chase Stopnik!

by clubMay 11 Jun 2019 0 Comments

The recently introduced new brand HWY should be familiar to friends who are paying attention to the Japanese or American rider circles. But if you are still unclear, whether you like skateboarding, surfing, or cycling, which are most indispensable to American culture, please Keep reading!

▲▼HWY actually appeared on the scene less than three years ago, but it has been worn by many celebrities. Why?

Let’s start with HWY manager Chase Stopnik! As a member of the Cycle Zombies family, he is also the most famous among the members!

▼ Cycle Zombies I think everyone is familiar with it. If you are still unfamiliar, please watch the following video first.

Dad, Big Scott, has been leading this group of boys since they were little. They have skateboarded, surfed, and played with cars. The eldest son Scotty and nephew Chase are the ones who show up most often. They can definitely be said to be representatives of California, and they have many endorsements. , and also made many cool videos!

▼ The following is a video taken by Born Free Show for Cycle Zombies

Of course, in addition to the largest Born Free Show in the United States, there are also the Hot Rod Custom Show in Yokohama, Japan, and other world-renowned modified car shows. CZ is an indicator that it will definitely be invited to attend. Last year, in addition to Cycle Zombies, there was also a HWY booth at HRCS!

Chase and Scotty are both in their early thirties now. They are familiar with many big guys and are the leaders of their generation. Also because they play Chopper in the 1960s and 1970s, you can tell the clues from the modified cars. ,

You will understand if you add more information to introduce the good articles I have written before☞ [ Extended reading: A legendary figure that Harley riders must know ]

Of course, they all wore Ocean beetle, besides LAC, they also had STR, but I only wore them briefly here. We also said before that Bluco is their favorite brand, because including cars, surfing and skateboarding are also closely related to Bluco's brand style. ☞[ Extended reading: BLUCO brand introduction ]

▼ Here’s a video of how they spend their day, check it out, it’s really cool!

The Cycle Zombies family is not only a representative of Southern California, but also well-known in the world. Therefore, the HWY store has become a popular fried chicken since its establishment. However, unlike Cycle Zombies, which operates as a brand, HWY exists as a real store.

The store is located on Sunset Boulevard in downtown LA and has become a gathering place for local Chopper enthusiasts. Knuckle, PanHead, and Shovelhead antique cars are often seen!

However, what attracts the Chopper folks is not his status as a member of Cycle Zombies, but Chase Stopnik's personal unique charm.

His true uniqueness can be seen from the founding of HWY, and his personal introductions and collections are often found in many magazines.

Because in addition to life attitudes such as riding cars, skateboarding, and surfing, Chase also knows more and more deeply about other American cultures, such as the vintage clothes sold in the store and the cultural knowledge related to old Harleys. He knows a lot! Therefore, I have my own set of ideas when it comes to clothing.

Of course, the old Harleys modified by Chase himself are also worthy of attention, and almost all of them have become famous cars.

▲ LIL DEVIL, 1957 panhead

▲ Because I changed it frequently in a short period of time, I only picked a few to put in. THE PEACE PIPE and YARD DOG are both Knucklehead. I changed them into several styles and they all looked good. Finally, I sold them!


▲ The current representative product, HWY HUSTLER 51FL Panhead, has also been modified very well and looks very handsome!

Whether playing with cars or modifying them, clothing is always inseparable in Japan, so Chase is also super popular in Japan.

▲This HWY video has actually been shared a lot in Taiwan, but I don’t think many people knew about HWY at that time. But as long as you pay more attention, you can understand that the history of clothing and motorcycle culture are parallel, skateboarding, surfing, music, etc. This is true for all subcultures!

In fact, in addition to Chase, there is another familiar character in the video just now, that is, AL who also helped shoot the catalog for West Ride.

In fact, the current location of HWY is the Blackboard Cafe that we introduced many years ago [ Extended reading- BLACKBOARD CAFE ]

Because Chase and AL are very good friends, after AL stopped working, they also sold vintage clothes here for a short period of time. The store name at that time was Big Chief (reminds me of West Ride again, haha!)

In fact, Cycle Zombies and West Ride are already very familiar with each other, because the minister also goes to the United States to participate in events every year, and they have known each other for many years!

▲If you follow West Ride, you will have an impression of the long-haired guy in the middle. He is Harley Carrara, another TRADITION CYCLE manager who has helped West Ride shoot catalogs.

If Chase is the representative of the Western United States, then Harley is the representative of the Eastern United States. They both have profound knowledge of old Harley culture, and the two of them have actually published several books together, all of which introduce some old Choopers that are now rare and precious. Related Information.

▲MIKAEL "MIKEY" MOTORCYCLE, another friend of Harley's when the catalog was first shot, also moved to California from the East Coast and came to HWY to help. It was fun to hold him back and forth!

▲▼ What’s not finished yet is the mention of skateboards and old cars, and we can’t miss Jason Jessee who also lives in California. The following video shared by many Taiwanese friends shows Jason Jessee in addition to Cycle zombies.

Jason jessee also wore a West Ride leather jacket a while ago. We shared it in the Facebook fan group and the West Ride community , and CxTxM is also familiar with them. These are the reasons why we sell HWY.

Now, do you know HWY? !

In short, as someone who loves American culture, whether it’s Chooper, skateboarding or surfing, how can you live without a piece of HWY? ! We have both long and short sleeves in store! Welcome to the store to buy, and interested friends are also welcome to chat more ~

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