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May club x top painting masters Makoto & Mr. G long Tee now on sale!

by clubMay 13 Aug 2019 0 Comments

(photo via CoastairbrushTV )

Japan’s top painting masters Makoto and Mr.G are certainly familiar to those who are interested in the car industry or Kustom Kulture. The two masters have been long-term partners with Japan’s Kustom Kulture magazine Burnout Magzaine, and are extremely popular not only in Japan. , and often travels overseas to participate in major exhibitions and activities. He is a highly famous Pinstriper artist internationally, especially in California, the birthplace of Kustom Kulture.

When the two masters were invited by Air Runner to come to Taiwan in 2017, we also invited them to design an image using the MAY CLUB font LOGO. It took more than a year to prepare the finished product. Because the printing effect of the finished product launched last year was not as good as expected, we reluctantly destroyed it all and started over! After another year of silence, this year’s two long-sleeved items with exciting and eye-catching patterns are once again available! Before introducing our latest items, let’s take a look at the profiles of the two masters!


MAKOTO has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in the field of pinstriping. He has profound painting and threading skills, and is especially good at matching flame gradients and threading. In 2011, he was also limited to "HOT WHEELS" JAPAN CONVENTION 2011 "'66 DODGE A 100" The car design and rare quantity caused a rush to buy, and also established the connection between HOT WHEELS and MAKOTO!


Mr.G is deeply fascinated by the totem poles of the Pacific island country of Polynesia. He combines his love for totem poles with the art of Pinstriping. The Tiki character created by the delicate lines and light and dark tones has also become Mr.G's unique representative image. ! His Tiki art paintings were exhibited and sold at the Gasoline Gallery in California, and 14 works were quickly sold out during the exhibition.

The two masters have established their own unique associations in Kustom Kulture American culture, just like Rat Fink is to Ed Roth, Flying Eyeball is to Von Dutch, Hot Wheels is to MAKOTO, and Tiki is to Mr.G. Represents impression.

May club uses two representative image logos designed by two masters to produce the long-sleeved pocket T-Shirt that cyclists most need.

The long T-shirts we launched this time are specially developed and made in Japan, including the style and materials. The overall style and configuration have also been adjusted many times!

The front is presented with a plain pocket Tee . The small chest pocket provides convenience for placing important items or cigarettes. The simple visual effect can better highlight the necklaces and accessories worn. The ribbed design of the cuffs is not easy to be blown up by strong winds while riding. , on the other hand, you can also pull up the sleeves slightly to fix it according to your needs!

The style on the back is derived from the exclusive designs that the two masters previously hand-drawn for us. They are their respective representative elements "Hot Wheels" and "TIKI" combined with the word MAY CLUB, with a classic Old School style!

In order to make the long Tee eye-catching when worn alone and show beautiful layering when worn underneath, the hand sleeves are also designed to match the style. Hot Wheels designed by MAKOTO with 1970s vintage flame sleeves extending from bottom to top

The TIKI totem designed by Mr. G is equipped with a narrow and long racing pattern configuration on the sleeves that is different from the market!

May Club has always recommended wearing long T-shirts. Long-sleeved items not only protect against sun exposure but also can cope with temperature changes between morning and evening. They are suitable whether worn alone or layered under a short T-shirt vest, for the overall pattern when riding. The presentation is more perfect, and the pattern configuration of the sleeves is also racked up! This one is definitely a real good companion for you when riding! !

Two patterns, black and white, four styles in total. Each style is limited to 30 pieces! !

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