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by May club 07 Sep 2019 0 Comments

Since the double-sided waist chain two years ago and the launch of two sterling silver belt buckles, Chief and Eagle last year, we have also successively produced unique falcon pendants, various feathers and matching items, with original and unique looks. It has been highly praised by friends at home and abroad, and some experienced players have already purchased their second Falcon in just a few months after its launch!

This time we will launch the heavy artillery item that took the longest time from design to production! Because there are so many parts, every detail has been modified countless times. After all, our production philosophy is to make the most special and best, and this will also be the last original silver jewelry we launch in 2019 !

Following our favorite Indian silver jewelry elements, combined with Western Belt 's Straight Style design, we create a 3 cm wide textured and versatile top belt! We once again gathered silversmiths and leatherworkers with more than 20 years of experience to present the most representative carved belt head of the Western belt in the form of a chief's feather headdress. The simplified lines are simpler and easier to match.

In addition, the sterling silver belt loop also extends the lines of the chief's headdress, presenting a slightly curved and elegant appearance! The end of the belt incorporates the image of the chief of our double-sided waist chain. Whether it is the luxurious material of sterling silver, the delicate depiction of facial expressions, or the heavy and solid feel, it is unprecedented! No matter in the vintage market or the various Western Belt products on the market, they will not be made to such high standards, not to mention that even the screw fasteners are specially developed from sterling silver and printed with bows and arrows with the MAY monogram, and the details are exquisite. Don't be careless!

We strive to retain the warm handmade feeling of silver jewelry in the meticulousness, and add sincere and solid silver materials to stack up charming layers. Only by combining luxurious texture and unique appearance can we achieve the top-notch single product!

May club resolutely makes every single product carefully, just to make you fall in love with it after seeing the best products from all over the world. The All Silver Western Belt is no less good with all kinds of top-notch products!

Sales information

May club All Silver Western Belt has two sizes of belt heads alone. With sterling silver belt loops and chief belt tails, we have launched a total of three silver jewelry combinations and four leather belt body combinations for sale:

A. [Western Belt Two-piece Set] - Carved leather head + belt loops

Friends who like simplicity and neatness are very suitable to choose this combination. The combination with shirts and formal suits is also very refreshing visually, low-key yet unique!

B. [Western Belt three-piece set] - widened carved belt head + belt loop + chief belt tail

The widened carved belt head and the chief-shaped sterling silver fastener at the end of the belt make the overall western style stronger and match the denim products more harmoniously and stylishly!

C. [Western Belt four-piece set] - widened carved belt head + 2 belt loops + chief belt tail

Those who are serious players of silver jewelry and those who prefer a sense of weight and heavy taste must not miss this four-piece combination. The visual effect is hard to ignore and it exudes extraordinary taste when worn around the waist!

Carefully select 5mm thick leather, cut it into 3cm wide leather straps, and then use the cobbler's various old machines for post-processing. The high-quality leather and unique silver fasteners complement each other and intertwine to create a perfect visual feast. feast:

* Original color Italian fat full vegetable tanned saddle leather: Specially selected Italian fat saddle leather with a rare thickness of 5mm. Such a thickness is quite difficult to obtain in European leather, so it is extremely rare on the market! Highly recommended for those who love to enjoy the leather growing process!

*Black tea core Italian fat full vegetable tanned saddle leather: The same high-quality vegetable tanned leather from Italy as the above-mentioned primary color leather. It is surface colored and not dyed through, so that part of the leather will gradually be exposed with use and friction. Brown and more aged!

    Black through-dyed high-quality American cow leather: This is the first high-grade American cow leather that appears in our belts. It is also the pressure box treasure that tanner Ken brother cooperates with our belts this time. It is also 5mm thick and has a solid feel and rich richness. The oil is soft and tough, and it looks even more noble when paired with silver jewelry!

      *Brown through-dyed high-quality American cow leather: Brown leather is a basic color that many friends love. It also eliminates the need for long-term development of primary-colored leather. It has an excellent visual sense when paired with various trousers. It can also show an elegant and stable visual experience when paired with silver jewelry. It is suitable for formal or casual wear.


          A. [Western Belt two-piece set]: priced at 16,800 yuan
          B. [Western Belt three-piece set] : priced at 23,800 yuan
          C. [Western Belt four-piece set] : priced at 26,800 yuan


          W30: The total length of the leather excluding the belt head is about 100 cm (the first hole position is about 70 cm, the sixth hole position is about 85 cm)
          W32: The total length of the leather excluding the belt head is about 105 cm (the first hole position is about 75 cm, the sixth hole position is about 90 cm)
          W34: The total length of the leather excluding the belt head is about 109 cm (the first hole position is about 79 cm, the sixth hole position is about 94 cm)
          W36: The total length of the leather excluding the belt head is about 114 cm (the first hole position is about 84 cm, the sixth hole position is about 99 cm)
          W38: The total length of the leather excluding the belt head is about 119 cm (the first hole position is about 89 cm, the sixth hole position is about 104 cm)

          Delivery date:

          Due to the complicated hand-making and joining process, the estimated delivery time is about one month.

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