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MAY CLUB's 8th anniversary heavyweight item BLUE HIGHWAY LEATHER JACKET!!

by May club 18 Jan 2020 0 Comments


MAY CLUB's specially planned items for its eighth anniversary are coming together with CTM and ADDICT CLOTHES in a three-party joint effort!

When I visited Nagoya in October last year, I had the opportunity to view CxTxM’s extensive leather clothing collection, which included many rare and expensive American leather clothing items from the 1930s and 1940s. Since there were no representatives of the so-called British leather jackets in the 1950s, most leather jackets were of American style. Most of the British leather jacket brands now produce replicas of famous styles from the 1960s and 1970s.

During that trip, we chatted with CxTxM about the history of leather clothing, and we felt it was time to create a leather jacket of our own style! After detailed discussions with Mr. Ishijima, the manager of ADDICT CLOTHES, Japan's top British leather jacket representative, he also received support, which led to the birth of this tripartite item that combines overseas and cross-field products!

The manager of ADDICT CLOTHES, Mr. Ishijima, has a very representative knowledge of British antique leather jackets in the clothing industry, and his traces can often be seen in major magazines. He cooperates with the most professional old leather shops and craftsmen in Japan to assist in tanning leather and tailoring. In addition, he has a very rigorous attitude towards every detail, presenting the most perfect appearance of British antique leather jackets!

In the well-known American motorcycle movie The Wild One in the 1950s, Marlon Brando and his friends rode the British Triumph. The classic road movie Easy Rider in the 1970s also inspired British leather jacket brands to create related styles. For us, American style and British style are not unrelated. On the contrary, we can see mutual influence in the historical context.

CxTxM, a representative of American culture, and ADDICT CLOTHES, a representative of British culture. We have combined the two worldviews with rich experience to plan this new work. Friends who like British or American style will find it a very special item, and let people know about the joint name. People from all walks of life in planning are looking forward to this collaboration!

It is not a full replica of any antique leather jacket style, but a special look jointly designed by us and CxTxM! Because we just like cool and unique things~

The style launched in this collaboration is the AD-07, which has been out of print for a long time. Not only is it an original style of ADDICT CLOTHES , the configuration with Padded is also CxTxM’s favorite! After discussion, a limited speed line was added to the right chest. For CxTxM, the two speed lines also seem to be the path of life. Life is up and down, encouraging everyone to keep moving forward towards their beliefs!

It adopts a low-key and attractive 2-tone color combination, with Dark Blue tea core sheepskin as the main axis, and Vintage Blue as decoration on the chest speed line, pocket bag lips, side buckles, cuff zippers, etc. It not only combines British and American styles, but also It makes the balance of the entire leather jacket even better, and it’s a detail that only MAY CLUB’s 8th anniversary joint limited edition has! . The CxTxM limited edition patch can be sewn directly on the left upper arm by the original factory or be sewn separately for collection.

In the past, special joint models usually cost about 200,000 yen. This limited edition is priced at 187,000 yen and NT$55,000. The production quantity is limited. Friends who want it should decide as soon as possible! ☞Buy now


MAY CLUB 8th anniversary limited edition アイテム

MAY CLUB x CTM x ADDICT CLOTHES The appearance of Gitton!

Last October, Nagoya に行ってCxTxM のデザイナーMASATO さんを visited ねました. 1930 and 1940sザージャケットコレクションを拝见させて头きました. In the 1950s, には, まだブリティッシュスタイルを represented するレザージャケットがありませんので, ほとんどアメリカンスタイルでした.そしてNow のブリティッシュスタイルレザージャケットブランドは, ほとんど1960~70s masterpieces をreproductionするだけでした.

この度、MASATO さんとレザージャケットの歴史について色々话をしました.その时から、自达のスタイルらしいレザージャケットを为りたいと思いました. Representatives of アディクトクローズの石嶋さんに成し, ご合力を得まして, and this time のコラボアイテムがbirth しました!!

ADDICT CLOTHESスを ALL し, たくさんのknowledge holder った専门家, そして雑志 でよく见かけたデザイナーである. Japan's domestically skilled sewing factory workers, Tatsuto Kyoto, are trained in detail and detail.りぬいたアイテムを作りつづけています.

CxTxM(COOL TATTOOING MASATO)のデザイナーMASATO さんは日本やOverseas からもAttentionを集めるアメリカンカルチャーヒーロー. The 1950s famous film "The Wild One" starring Malika, played by Malikaが成っているのはトライアンフ、MASATO さんがトライアンフをhold ったこともあります、それはprivate达にとって、アメリカンスタイルとブリティッシュスタイルは Nothing to do ではありません.そしてThe influence of the 1970s movie "Easy Rider"ージャケットブランドがアメリカンスタイルにrelated するデザインを作りました.これは自达の好みであり, そして下注のコラボライダースジャケットのデザイン発思になります.

豊富な経験をhold つCxTxM とADDICT CLOTHES, 両者の世観がきれいにfusion した, 久久のコラボinformation が発表されファンたちのLook forward toが高まっています

This time the のコラボアイテムは、アディクトクローズcurrent のラインナップに入っていないオリジナルモデル、 AD-07 をべースに、CxTxM のMASATO さんの最もお気に入りのパテッドデザインがあって格好いいです.アディクトクローズ represents the の石巋さんにphase talk and the right chest に縦に入いる二本ラインのlimited configuration をdetermination めました. MASATO さんには二本のラインに信じた道を进む means を込めました.アメリカンスタイルとブリティッシュスタイルを好みfusionし, バランスも好くなりました.ちなみに, the second edition of the present edition of the の二本ライン configuration はMAY CLUB8anniversary limited edition しか手に入れられない真しいディテイルです!

The fullness of the tea leaves and the tea leaves are the same as the ones that are fullに、The right chest に縦に入いる二本ラインやポケットの开け口区り、ウエストベルトバックルとPart of the カヴィンテージブルーをmakes います.すっきりとしたセンタージップタイプなので大人っぽくスタイリッシュな书こなしが叶います. CxTxM のLimited パッチもきますので, upper left sleeve sewed いpay けて, またはコレクションとしてご freely selected び下さい! (The product is confirmed by the text of the article)

Limited quantities, pre-order sales of goods, pre-order status, limited number of orders, sales after the first day of the month, sales of items in stock, special occasions, etc. The taste is right and wrong The opportunity is special.

スぺシャル価格は ¥187,000 (tax 込価格)
The reservation period is from January 18 (Tuesday) to February 2 (Sunday), 2020.
The date of the crossing is scheduled, and the date is scheduled at the end of April 2020.

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