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BLACKSMITH Co. Brand Introduction

by May club 23 Mar 2020 0 Comments

Mr. Fumiya Takigawa, the manager of the Japanese antique-style furniture brand BLACKSMITH Co., grew up in a family business environment that engaged in automobile and motorcycle repairs. He was influenced by it since he was a child. He opened a one-person motorcycle modification workshop when he was a student and became widely known. The magazine reported that after working and living alone for a long time, Mr. Takigawa began to think about what is the truly ideal indoor environment. By chance, he accidentally stepped into an antique store and used antique furniture from the United States and Europe from 1800 to 1940. The charming space created deeply attracted him, and Mr. Takigawa has since established the self-style he truly pursues.

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After graduating from college, Mr. Takigawa went to the United States alone and worked as a fabrication and sheet metal welding technician in a well-known motorcycle modification shop in California. After work, he was also obsessed with the local antique second-hand market. After constantly studying antique materials every day, he finally succeeded. After collecting antique furniture with a unified sense of time and successfully creating a space that he loves, he was happy and satisfied. He also deeply understood the difficulties in finding, purchasing and repairing antique furniture, and how to recreate the antique style in a small Japanese home. Various problems also prompted Mr. Takigawa to start thinking about the possibility of "making new furniture that has a retro design but is easy to use."


After returning to Japan in 2012, Mr. Takigawa set up his own workshop in his hometown of Nagoya. While making motorcycle modification parts, he also carried out various art-related activities in the name of 238© Forged Metal Modeling Writer, and actually used antique machines to transform his works. The designed product appearance and details are perfectly reproduced, and the self-developed products are put into actual production, which greatly increases the persuasiveness of its products in the industry.

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With his unique design aesthetics and exquisite craftsmanship, Mr. Takigawa has been commissioned by many cafes, clothing stores and other stores to produce daily groceries and interior furnishings. In 2017, he founded BLACKSMITH Co. Original furniture brand.

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The brand takes T-BOLS INDUSTORIES as its starting point. The word T-BOLS is taken from the capital letters of "The Best Of Life Style". It hopes to help different customers through various products carefully produced by itself. They realize their own lifestyle.


It insists on being handmade in Japan, and integrates traditional Japanese production techniques such as goldsmithing, forging and coloring from the Edo period into the industrial design of the United States and Europe in the early 20th century. It is not simply a faithful reproduction, but a constant pursuit. A new furniture craft that evolves and surpasses the original product, BLACKSMITH Co. wants to promote a "NEW CLASSIC LIFE" industrial design style.

(Via TOMBOY Photo Studio )

His works can be seen in retro brand stores including FREEWHEELERS, BACKSIGN and JELADO. The global Heritage Style iconic magazine "CLUTCH" has not only introduced it in many large articles, but also distributed and sold it in London stores; both media editors and industry insiders have unanimously affirmed it. , friends who value home atmosphere or love space design must not miss it!


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