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May club x CTM jointly branded pocket Tee

by May club 13 Aug 2018 0 Comments

May club once again joins hands with the well-known Japanese tattoo artist Cool Tattooing Masato . Like the 6th anniversary swastika pendant, it launches a new image short Tee with the theme of "Live to Ride, Ride to Live", just like the previous As a Real Biker series. We not only love cycling, but we also integrate cycling into our life and work!

We have always attached great importance to cultural promotion, and we have also explained our riding life through the joint designs of many artists. For example, CxTxM and Master Psycho’s previous joint items with us have all been sold out. The 6th anniversary Tee designed by Knuckle There is only a very small amount left in stock, and CxTxM will once again show us his amazing creative talent!

Masato went to the United States to study art alone at the age of 19 and was deeply influenced by the motorcycle subculture. His works combine insights from American culture and a unique personal style, especially the depiction of skulls. He has also held personal exhibitions in Japan. The Skull special exhibition has a very strong style, and the hand-painted works are even more valuable for collection.

In this image work, Masato was inspired by this year's May club Taiwan Run, and specially created Ed Roth's design. The magnificent mountain scenery, vast sea view and the third-generation store car when circling the island are integrated, with mountains on one side and sea on the other. Just like riding on the east coast of Huadong, listening to the waves and looking at the sea is as comfortable and comfortable as it is! The God of Death on the car raised his sickle and smoked a cigarette under his cloak, and the motorcycle also crossed the chasm on the ground, as if just riding on the car could escape the pursuit of Death and overcome many difficulties!

In fact, the third-generation shop cars have been modified one after another since the end of last year, and the engines are also currently evolving. It has always been very important for us to look good and change the look! Whether you agree with our ideas, like our attitude towards life, appreciate the high quality of our items, or even like CxTxM, you should get one~

We use heavy-weight Tianzhu cotton pocket Tee made in Japan. In addition to being comfortable and breathable, it also has a solid touch and durability. The image is printed on the back, and only a single pocket is left blank on the front. It is also clean and simple when paired with a necklace pendant.

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