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The "number one" classic before World War II - DAISY MAE DENIM HAT

by May club 31 Jul 2018 0 Comments

US ARMY DENIM HAT, more people are familiar with the M-1937 "Daisy Mae" style in the early World War II, but in fact, as early as the early 20th century, the United States replaced the hotter canvas uniforms with denim cloth and issued brown denim Fatigue Uniform, although there is also blue denim for the Coast Artillery Corps (Coast Artillery Corps), but the denim hat similar to Daisy Mae is distributed less than the general work uniform, and may only be issued to some specific unit.

When the U.S. Army completely replaced brown denim overalls with blue denim in 1919, there were still many different hat styles to match. It was not until 1937 that the Daisy Mae Denim Hat was officially incorporated into the U.S. Army, although it was quickly adopted in 1941. HBT herringbone fabric was replaced by HBT herringbone fabric. However, what the U.S. military never expected was that the unique indigo charm of denim denim would become one of the representatives of popular culture. It was even adapted into uniforms for prisoners of war during World War II, making vintage clothing popular all over the world. Enthusiasts flock to it.

From the perspective of military products, the practical effect of blocking the scorching sun and light rain is worthy of the design concept based on functionality. The indigo tone of denim jeans can be easily matched with any style. It was designed by West Ride based on the Daisy Mae appearance design. The launched Army Hat also uses original 10oz selvedge denim fabric. It has a casual temperament after washing, and even the faded feeling that gradually develops is very charming.

Based on the classic six-piece hat appearance, the design with ventilation holes reduces the stuffiness on the head, making it more comfortable to wear in summer. The brim is sewn with 13 stitches to incorporate elements of knight culture and add a bit of stiffness. The strength makes it not too soft after being folded and carried. Whether you like Military, Outdoor, Biker or even Casual, it is highly recommended that you must get one!

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