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by May club 16 Jul 2018 0 Comments

Originating from May club’s love for Indian silver jewelry, we start from the sterling silver waist chain NATIVE AMERICAN WALLET CHAIN The two elements of the double-sided design "Chief" and "Eagle" respectively continue to create two completely different belt buckle head works with the same Indian soul.

At the same time, we also use the highest specification 925 sterling silver to produce, and pass on the original Native American Spirit through multiple manual processes such as meticulous carving by top silversmiths and combined printing of each part.

With the usage habits and the natural oxidation characteristics of silver jewelry, the light and shadow levels on the carvings will become more distinct and three-dimensional, giving the finished product a texture that is very different from the mass production of computer machinery, and it also possesses the artistry and rarity of hand work. value!


In the design of the eagle leather headband, we modified it from the typical octagonal buckle head, and used the feathers on the eagle's head as the main visual form to form a gorgeous arabic pattern. It is restrained and low-key, but it also shows the superb carving skills of the silversmith. It is quite classic. There is no need to worry about matching the appearance. The only thing you need to worry about is the domineering and luxurious texture that is inadvertently revealed when someone takes a closer look.


The original western belt shape of the 1930s is integrated into the design of the chief's head, and combined with representative Indian elements such as crossed bows and arrows, sun prints and conchos. The beautiful illustrations are perfectly displayed with exquisite three-dimensional layering, and the retro style is in place. It is also quite suitable for Indian silver jewelry lovers to match it with Ameika machine style clothing. It is definitely the finishing touch and representative work.

The two belt heads are now officially open for purchase. Friends who want to buy them with belts are welcome to refer to our sales information: [ NATIVE AMERICAN SILVER BELT BUCKLE CHIEF & EAGLE Two original sterling silver belt heads are officially on sale!

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