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DENVER'S CHOPPERS Origins and Legends

by Dragon Chiu 06 Nov 2022 0 Comments

Previously we introduced the legendary David Mann, this time we directly introduce two legends, Denver Mullins, who can be said to have created one of the Chopper styles, and Mondo Porras, who is now known as The Godfather of Choppers.

In the 1960s, when the definition of Chopper was still vague, it was not that easy to modify a car. Unlike now, you can go online and click your fingers to have modified parts sent to your home. There is not even a mail order catalog for modified parts. At that time, everyone was still crazy about Hot Rod, and Bobber dismantled motorcycles. Those who wanted to modify motorcycles had to make the parts themselves, or ask a car factory they knew to handle them.

At that time, Denver had its own car factory doing some Custom Car body modification and painting projects. Mondo, who happened to be modifying a Ford Model A, often came to the shop. After a long time together, the two became partners in the business, and they also From time to time, I collect some old motorcycles and modify them to make extra money.

One day, they didn't know which tendon was wrong, so they cut off and extended a Harley Panhead spring fork, and then painted it with bright Candy Paint. Everyone was amazed how such a cool car could be possible? Then one after another learned the same style and modified them. As the orders increased, more and more partners joined. Some were responsible for the frame, some were responsible for the front forks, as well as the engine, fuel tank, handlebars, spray paint, and seats. The chairs and the like all perform their own duties, and they take care of each other like a family, working together during the week and riding together on the weekends.

The one- or two-hour trip from the city to San Bernardino Mt. or Big Bear Lake can take a full day, because you have to stop for a drink at every bar. Remember what we wrote about " One More From The Road " before ( laugh)? On the way back, we circled the streets of Southern California. Everyone looked like they were riding out of a David Mann painting.

The increase in fanaticism, as well as the continuous reshuffle of Chopper Magazine published by Ed Roth, also made this narrow and tall long front fork style visible to all parts of the country. Devnver's Chopper has since become synonymous with him.

Of course, they also successfully established an emerging industry such as Custom Bike, including the research and development of different frames, long spring forks and other styles, which were continuously exported to all over the world. The bikes that are now called Swedish choppers were the ones they made in large quantities at that time. It was sent to Europe and developed, and there is even the Devnvers Chopper motorcycle club in Sweden today.

Their talent and pursuit of speed and excitement don’t stop there. Faster and better Kawasaki, Honda, and BSA engines were put on the frame and transformed into Chopper. Their interest even extended from the road to the water. Denver started with two CB750 traded the rowing boat and began participating in racing, but unfortunately passed away in a rowing accident in 1992.

Mondo carried on his brother's brand, cleared his debts, took care of his family, and continued to create Denver's Choppers-style works, exhibiting them around the world, and recounting Denver in countless magazines, media, and television interviews. Mullins greatness. Although he has received many honors and awards, he wants the world to know that the name of Denver's Choppers store is one of the important origins of Chopper culture.

In 2000, David Mann 's last painting was based on the Mondo. This was to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Easyriders magazine. They wanted to have a car that could reflect the image of Easyriders, and let the Mondo that had come along the way 30 years ago , and he will continue riding his Chopper with Denver!

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