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Why do Japanese people love to use Imabari towels?

by May club 01 Mar 2023 0 Comments

If you have ever traveled to Japan or paid attention to Japanese culture, you will find an interesting phenomenon, that is, Japanese people like to use Imabari towels very much. Whether at home or in a hotel or hot spring hotel, you can always find traces of this kind of towel. So, what is the reason that makes Imabari towels a must-have item in the eyes of Japanese people?

The quality of Imabari towels is unquestionable. Imabari towels are produced in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, Japan, hence the name. It uses high-quality cotton and has inherited hundreds of years of textile technology. Therefore, the towels made are soft and comfortable, have strong water absorption properties, do not shed or fade, and are also very durable. Therefore, its quality can be maintained very well even after long-term use and washing.

Moreover, Japanese people also pay great attention to hygiene and cleanliness. Imabari towels are considered ideal towels due to their strong absorbency and quick drying ability. Therefore, even in public places such as traditional Japanese baths or hot spring hotels, you will see traces of Imabari towels.

Today, Imabari towels have become a must-have in the minds of Japanese people, not only because of their high quality, beauty and practicality, but also because they represent the Japanese people’s strict requirements and pursuit of quality of life. If you also want to experience this high-quality lifestyle, then don’t miss West Ride’s newly launched Imabari towels.

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