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ADDICT BOOTS new engineer boots RD/ST/CL introduction of three lasts

by Dragon Chiu 22 Oct 2022 0 Comments

The new CL LAST engineer boots released this season are new boots with a fairly flat last. Including the previously released engineer boots, three shoe last models have been developed, namely RD/ST/CL, which can be found below. Quickly distinguish images.

RD LAST was the first to be released. When it came out at the beginning of about ten years ago, it became famous for its beautiful curve engineer boots, and gradually developed a series of ADDICT BOOTS shoes. The original soles were shaped by the famous shop Fu Lu Shou.

ST LAST is the most commonly used last type in ADDICT BOOTS. CASPER, CHELSEA, etc. all use this last. It reduces the round toe of RD and achieves a subtle feel between work boots and pointed boots. balance.

CL LAST is thinner and flatter than ST LAST, with a rather sophisticated classical style.

The new engineer boots released this season use CL flat lasts, which are even different from other last types in leather; 2mm cored fully vegetable tanned horse leather, showing natural texture, and will change with use. There are fading changes, and brown is prone to uneven fading, such as in the creases, transforming into a more charming appearance.

The sole part is made of Vibram 705, with a neat single-layer midsole. In addition, the RD and ST LAST engineer boots are 11 inches tall, while the CL LAST engineer boots are 10 inches tall.

CL's new last type ENGINEER BOOTS shows an elegant and neat retro gentleman feel. It is recommended to friends who like traditional old-fashioned style, and even if they want to try formal wear, they are also suitable.

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