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Summer GURKHA military shorts full of British romance

by 陳人傑 18 Jul 2022 0 Comments

Military uniforms and modern fashion have always had an inseparable relationship. They have developed diverse features and details based on the historical and cultural backgrounds of different countries, military services, and combat environments. The same is the production concept that pays attention to neatness and practicality. War After the show ended, it also became a source of creative inspiration for many clothing brands!

The GURKHA PANTS to be introduced in this article can be said to be quite story-telling military shorts items. GURKHA originated from the name of the Nepalese "Gurkha" soldiers. As early as 1814, the British had established military operations in Nepal and Gurkha due to the need for territorial expansion. The Gurkha elite troops clashed. Relying on the latter's familiarity with the terrain and their extraordinary endurance in the harsh climate of the mountains, even though there was a huge disparity in military power between the two sides, the victorious British army was still deeply impressed by the bravery and proficiency of the Gurkha soldiers. GURKHA PANTS, a pair of British trousers specially designed for recruiting Gurkha soldiers, were born and became a very personalized military shorts during World War II.

In order to adapt to the harsh climate of India's hot and humid climate, the British army specially designed GURKHA SHORTS by incorporating elements of traditional Gurkha costumes. The fabric is made of breathable and quick-drying linen material. The most representative one is the pair with its own double buckle. The belt structure has an adjustable mode similar to an elastic band without considering the specific waist circumference of each soldier. It does not need to tie a belt and can be easily adjusted with the waist. In addition, the two pleats extending from the waist to the thigh not only greatly reduce the design and design of the military uniform. It saves time and is more breathable and comfortable to wear without losing the elegance of the British Empire. In addition to being used on a large scale by the British army, it was also later imitated by the US military, Canada and the Australian army.

After the war, this kind of retro and decent military shorts gradually affected the fashion level in the 1970s. The light fabric and comfortable and loose fit became a favorite item for men during summer vacations. In the 1990s, it began to enter the daily life of the public. Whether in movie plots or online communities, you can see vintage or GURKHA PANTS outfits made by different brands, and gradually extended to Although trousers styles have their own characteristics in terms of fabrics, cuts and details, the most eye-catching buckle belt design is indispensable.

Such unique shorts are full of fun to match. This season ADDICT CLOTHES also reinterprets the most delicate and exquisite British romance with newly developed original cotton and linen fabrics, buckles and tailoring. The belt design is taken from the rare 1940s British Army Central Center With the double-adjustable strap style, the visual effect is great whether the hem of the top is tucked into pants or exposed naturally. The key to a man's taste lies in texture and details. Friends who like shorts, don't miss it!

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