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WESTRIDE 2022 spring and summer theme EVERYTHING IS A ROAD: OLD BUT GOLD

by 陳人傑 30 Mar 2022 0 Comments

Many people will compare life to a long journey (JOURNEY) that keeps moving forward. After drinking a satisfying glass of wine and preparing to go on the next journey, there are countless roads ahead that no one can predict. .

We have stood in front of a forked road many times. No matter where we go, it is up to us to decide. Some are rugged, some may be blocked by rivers, or even encounter dead ends. Even so, we cannot stop moving forward. , don’t worry even if you encounter difficulties along the way, just keep moving forward ~ Because “EVERYTHING IS A ROAD”, what lies ahead will be a brand new road, I believe there will eventually be beautiful scenery waiting for us. !

Maybe we don’t fully understand the meaning of progress. Even so, people still work hard to continue to move forward to gain a sense of reality of living in this world. We are not moving forward for anyone. I believe that there will be beautiful things that continue to shine brightly on the way. Right~

The United States uses a concise and powerful sentence "OLD BUT GOLD" to convey the meaning of "an irreplaceable treasure that still shines with brilliance even when old". It is not limited to tangible antique items, but can also be used to metaphor deeper aspects such as culture and thought. category.

Well-known musicians such as ERIC CLAPTON are most often asked about the question of "young" and "sophisticated". The freshness brought by newcomers and the mature charm of senior musicians each have different charms. Both of them are inherently It is impossible to compare the pros and cons, and there are many types of music. For example, ARLEN NESS and PETER FONDA have become pioneers in their respective cultures, although this beautiful era is coming to an end.

In today's market trends, many phenomena will be linked to the question "Should we continue to act as promoters of MADE IN JAPAN now?" WEST RIDE is not blindly pursuing the faithful reproduction of the "OLD" brand, but is While paying homage to the beauty of things in the past, we then create a more functional single product "GOLD", which combines the advantages of both. Loving the beautiful things of the past, enjoying the present and connecting to the future, this is what we truly The important brand message to be conveyed.

We believe that the same concept applies to cycling and life, "EVERYTHING IS A ROAD". As long as there is a road ahead, keep moving forward! No matter where the road leads or how far it is, we will always show a satisfied smile in the end!

The legendary American brand HARLEY DAVIDSON grandly launched a new vehicle model "PAN AMERICA" in 2021. It has always advocated that "it is not just a simple means of transportation, but the important thing is the valuable experience gained from riding it everywhere = MORE THAN A MACHINE" The concept is just like the message WEST RIDE wants to convey, "EVERYTHING IS A ROAD = Keep moving forward on the road in front of you." There will be another story waiting for you ahead that no one can predict.

In 1949, two young men, PAUL HARDER and DICK WALKER, rode 1941FL and 1947EL respectively on a 16,700-mile journey. After completing their adventure from Long Beach, California, to Rio, Brazil, South America, they said, "EVERYTHING WAS A ROAD", because of the never-ending spirit of adventure, life is not the practice of a grand tour~

Continuing WEST RIDE's consistent high-quality materials and workmanship, this year's spring and summer product line continues to bring you refreshing and handsome works. Friends who like it must not miss it~

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