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WEST RIDE all-weather functional waterproof long coat WR47

by 陳人傑 17 Feb 2022 0 Comments

The official name of M-47 is OVERCOAT, PARKA TYPE, WITH PILE LINER . It was one of the important cold-proof equipment used by the US military in temperate and cold zone operations in the 1940s . It is also the well-known M-51 PARKA , M-65 PARKA , etc. that are active today. The ancestor of street MODS COAT wear.

Since the M-47 is an attempt by the US military to optimize the production and functionality of field coats in the late World War II, both the quantity and the production period are far less than the successfully mass-produced M-51 and M- 65 , and its rarity and rich details have made its value in the military vintage market even higher. It is not only very popular, but also a more advanced taste item in the eyes of world-renowned vintage stores and experienced players!

When it comes to the production of its own products, WEST RIDE from Niigata Prefecture, Japan , has never pursued faithful reproductions of old products. It constantly develops more functional original fabrics and reinterprets new clothing that is both classic and modern. , and this WR47 FIELD COAT is a military uniform work with a WEST RIDE style.

The material is made of WR 's best functional waterproof fabric. The surface fabric is an original three-layer tear-resistant nylon fabric woven with SUPREX yarn. It has high wear resistance, lightweight and "completely waterproof" powerful functionality, and looks like military cotton. The natural texture greatly reduces the heavy wearing feel of old products.

The inner layer is made of 60/40 functional cotton, and the seams of the fabric are also treated with completely waterproof tape. The overall wear is light, comfortable and easy to move. It also has the charming advantage of not being afraid of water. With such a high-standard waterproof configuration, it is It is unprecedented for knee-length coats on the market.

Continuing the classic appearance of the old product, the front placket has a dual structure of buttons and zippers, and there are two large-capacity flap pockets above and below the waist.

WEST RIDE has improved many details into a considerate design that is more in line with modern usage needs, including eliminating the heavy wool lining, adding a side insert function to the square pockets, a built-in adjustable drawstring at the waist, a waterproof flap at the pocket opening, and a central The zipper has been changed to an upper and lower double opening style, and the dual-use fishtail design on the back hem has created a neater feel, powerful functionality and storage function that surpasses the original version.

Due to the thin and light configuration and the neat tailoring that is loose and easy to move around, it is not stuffy when worn as the outermost layer of a suit, denim jacket or even a leather jacket. Generally, it can be worn with light clothing on the field in spring and autumn. In winter, it can also be worn inside with leather jackets, denim jackets, suits, etc. Very stylish and suitable for wearing in Taiwan's changeable climate.

It is not only a handsome and elegant mid-length coat, but also a trustworthy rainy day equipment. If you also like the style of military PARKA and want to wear it outstandingly, comfortably and with more versatile uses, then this WR47 is definitely worth it. A practical outerwear piece to invest in!

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