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1994 Delica L300 4x4 cement gray square light card one-year review (Part 2)

by May club 14 Oct 2021 1 comment
The review of the year has arrived at the next episode
The previous episode dealt with engine peripherals, paint, and chassis ( click here to link to the previous episode )
CIMC is responsible for exterior modification, power upgrade, sound insulation and heat insulation ( click here to link to CIMC )
The next episode is from June this year until recently. The epidemic was still serious in June, and Da Hui Ka, Zhong Hui Ji, and Xiao Hui Ha were finally on the same stage at that time!
I’ll send the Jimny to get some simple things first, and by the way, the gray card will be serviced for 10,000 kilometers. At this time, ten months of ownership equals an average of 1,000 kilometers a month.
The old frame I bought in the last episode has also been sorted out. Let’s put it in the car and have a look before moving on to find another one (Enkei Baja will be introduced later)
The original four frames that were replaced were sold instantly, haha
This frame 7J ET will wear a little if it has a negative value (if the tires were originally installed with 235, it should be able to dodge), but in order to install larger frame tires next time, I simply cut the wheel arc and padded the center door.
The wide weather and rain windows and the original hoops are all given away directly (laughs)
During the epidemic, I really did not ride a bike much, but I was more serious about Akka.
After finishing the exterior, I’m going to start decorating the interior. I’ve almost finalized the interior of the gray truck. It still needs to be able to carry a car (by the way, I’m also thinking about what color to paint the next one).
I originally wanted to go to the original factory to ask for some materials, but I happened to encounter a very thin square light card at the butchery factory. I heard that it was originally intended for export. I don’t know why it was killed. The mileage is very low and it should have been originally. The interior of the garage car is quite good, so I transplanted some of it to the gray card to let it continue its life.
I changed a lot of things, so I won’t go into them one by one. After replacing the gray card, the whole thing became super soft (laughs)
The internal and external water cuts will be purchased brand new, and the main and passenger glass will also be replaced with new ones!
The door panel of the chair is also wrapped, just wait for the paint to be applied again.
Because I cut the wheel arc, I plan to go back to the paint factory to do it again. I also removed the breathing tube and rebaked the dug area. Of course, the other thing is to strengthen the window frame.
This part was actually covered before painting, but since it didn’t crack at the time, I thought the previous owner might have done it. Later, they replaced it with new strips that are more solid. I found some signs of cracking a while ago, but it’s best to fix these. The painting is done once, keep this in mind for the next car
(I just don’t want to bake the words “Taiwan Province”)
Many people have asked about this piece of cloth. This is the one sold in my store last year and is no longer available. It is not made of wool or cotton, but a poly that is easy to care for, does not get dirty easily and is not very absorbent. The strength is also good.
Just like tidying up old frames, I searched for several stores before I found one that was willing to take over and did a good job! The chair sponge can also be adjusted to make it easier to sit on, but this piece of cloth can only be used in the front half. The back of the car needs to be used in another way, otherwise the whole chair will be too fancy, haha
Every time I drive back to Taipei on the last section of the elevated highway, I look at Songshan Airport and wonder when I will be able to leave the country again... But this way I can have more time to buy this gray card.
I heard it’s called Green Vision
Later, I finally bought an 8.5J rear wheel, and the same 7J front wheel. Some people say that the front and rear tires are not good, but I always install 30 tires, and I also drive a four-wheel drive and walk on the asphalt without jumping. I think it should be fine. As for Why do you need to match the front and rear? Well... just to look better.
Let me introduce that ENKEI BAJA is a famous old tension frame (older than the gray card) that was born in 1976. The 15-inch frame was only produced at that time. Later, 14, 16, and 17 were reproduced, but 15 was not reproduced, and then six holes It’s even harder to find than Wu Kong⋯
What’s even more bizarre is that there aren’t many sellers who sell four frames at once, and even if they do, they are of different sizes, so I searched for a while and got four 7J frames in two batches (and then I just recently bought two more 8.5J frames), which equals front and back. After searching for more than half a year, I finally found a set of 7J and 8.5J in three separate attempts...
My neighbor's handsome friend also got one.
This is the first time I have taken a ride on Rhubarb this year, and it is also the second time I have bought an Aka after Taimari last year. The gray card is very respectable. I often run long distances like this without any problems. This time I also returned to Taichung on the expressway from Taipei, and I didn’t realize it until I arrived. If the oil is leaking, I want to let him take a bus to rest. In fact, it is okay to drive it to the depot. However, since you have insurance, let’s use it (laughs)
This should be the photo taken when I first entered the factory in September last year. It has really changed a lot after a year...
Take care of some oil leakage areas. If the engine is clean, you will feel comfortable. Old cars just need to be taken care of with love.
For more photos, you can view Xiaomei’s IG ( click this link )
Self-arranged white cards, the hard work of seniors, are being sorted out
The Laimeng used by the Japanese original factory has been lifted, and the Senka is being sorted out.
Take your own car
Carrying my wife’s fetus
One night while smoking at the Hukou rest stop, a friend who was very interested in Delica asked. Hearing that I often run around Taipei and Taichung like this, he became more interested in chatting about the finishing and modifications that could not be seen from the outside. Finally, he asked How much has it cost so far? I just told him that if he wanted to get something like me, he would probably spend seventy! He seriously said that he was selling this machine for 70 yuan, and he didn’t want to spend any more time getting it. I thought he was joking and said, if you want to calculate the time cost, it will definitely cost more than 70 yuan (laughing)
Some friends will think that I should sell it, but for me, the gray truck is what I like, and I don’t want to sell it and buy another one with the same length, not to mention that the gray truck is currently my mobility scooter. Let’s talk about it after I finish the second and third channels~
Some people may think that it is just a Delica, why does it cost so much? In fact, I know that there are others that cost more. Of course, everyone has different ways of playing, and many people repair it while driving. There is no comparison. Have fun. Most importantly, you can’t actually buy a new Jimny at this price.
For me, it is no longer a matter of price. I am often photographed on the road and many people recognize it as my car. This is more interesting, right?
It’s already October when I write the next episode. In fact, the car looks different now, but since it’s just a one-year review, let’s stop here for now! Finally, I attach a photo of the first anniversary and the last business hours.
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