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1994 Delica L300 4x4 Cement Gray Square Light Card One Year Review (Part 2)

by May club 13 Sep 2021 0 Comments
The previous episode was from September to December last year, covering camping, transporting cars, traveling between Beijing and Zhongshan, and traveling around the island.
CIMC is planning to install a spare tire on the front of the car this year until May. The first major thing to do in 2021 is to install it!
This is also one of the reasons why I purchased this square lantern card in the first place. In addition, I found that no one in Taiwan seems to have done this (if so, please tell me). My rebellious personality of not wanting to wear a uniform like others prompted me to complete it. Such a look!

In Japan, there is a whole row of platoon lights, almost all of which are single-sided lights, because there are not many cars with double-sided lights in Japan.

I also took this opportunity to replace the tires with handsome BFGoodrich 30 tires with five white letters, commonly known as Boyfriend is Rich. Because I have to carry the car and don’t want the car to be lifted too high. If it is not lifted, the wheel arc will not be cut and the center door will not be padded. In this case, I did some research and found that the maximum size that can be installed is the frame 7J ET value ± 0 with 30 tires. Although in the next episode I still changed the frame, trimmed the wheel arcs and the center gate (laughs)

Japan's modified spare tire does not stick to the front bumper but protrudes a little more. My bracket is stronger than Japan's and can be perfectly attached to the front bumper. It is also convenient for vehicle inspection!

During this trip, I also changed the glow plug to manual to extend the life of the original glow plug. The blinkers, center door window frames, etc. that were not replaced by the old plug were also processed together. Of course, if it can be done at once during the painting process, it will be the best. Perfect, will keep this in mind for the next one.

I remember the first time I saw the spare tire finally carried on the was so cool! ! ! So handsome! ! !

In fact, spare tires appear on many old cars in the front, and they are also found on old trucks. The Japanese company has indeed changed a lot of them, but in Taiwan we have adjusted the height of the position, so there is no need to worry about the strength, just roll the spare tire. The whole car is rocking and very stable! Installed in a way more suitable for Taiwan

Next, there is a question that many people will ask me. The car must be dismantled for inspection. After all, Taiwan’s regulations are unique in the world in terms of “over-prevention” (laughing)! However, basically anyone who has seen my second-wheel modification will know that I always feel that having fun with cars is the most important thing! Car inspections only happen once or twice a year, and the rest of the time is great, isn’t it? ! Will the police get into trouble when driving on the road? All I can say is that we all drive calmly and it won't affect others. If you want to have fun, don't think too much...

As for some people who think it is very heavy, in fact some people have modified the anti-collision bar or even added a winch, and it is even heavier than this (laughs)

For my birthday in January this year, I went on a trip in the gray card that had just been renovated and given a beauty treatment! This trip to the south took my family to Wutai for a night trip. So far, the gray truck has completed more and more stage tasks. It is a great car to go to the mountains and sea!

I also encountered an incident on the way back. I found that the voltage display part of the installed water temperature voltmeter began to not recharge. When I walked back to Zhushan on the north expressway, it started to slowly drop. I immediately turned off the air conditioner and decided to go directly to the car factory. Went there. When we got off the intersection, the voltage of the turn signal had dropped below 10 and there would be a warning sound. Fortunately, we found it early and arrived safely!

Before the Chinese New Year, I showed off again with my friends and got together with all kinds of old cars! For more photos, you can view Xiaomei’s IG ( click this link )

Then not long after, a friend also fell into the trap! Driving back to Taipei from Taichung with him, I suddenly wanted to change gears to fifth gear, hahaha.

I also did 5,000 kilometers of maintenance before the Chinese New Year. During the Chinese New Year, I drove the gray truck everywhere, including Taichung, Taipei, Yilan, and Chiayi. During the period, everything was fine. I also went back to the original factory for the first time to ask some questions, which I will mention later.

Many friends may have finished tidying up the Aka to this level, including the paint, chassis, engine peripherals, and exterior modifications. However, after confirming that the gray card is excellent during this period, they want to improve his motivation to a higher level. !

Of course, I did some research in the article first. Basically, the power adjustment modes of diesel engines and gasoline engines are actually different, but some principles are similar. Since it is going to move, it must be done at once, from the intake and exhaust, oil volume coordination, and by the way I also sorted out the parts around the engine again. Basically, many of them are configurations that have evolved to the 4D56 engine at a later stage.

First of all, the turbine is not only enlarged, but also uses a so-called five-hole enlarged turbine to allow smoother exhaust. (Thanks to a car owner who happened to have a five-hole corresponding turtle side exhaust release. The price difference with the new custom-made Just enough to make upgrading from three holes to five holes relatively painless)

I didn’t change the intake manifold to enlarge the so-called secondary transmission because I didn’t install an intercooler. In fact, the demand for Cura may be lower with a manual exhaust than with an automatic exhaust. In addition, my water temperature is already low. The performance is good. The air intake also has a breathing tube pulled out and more holes. The exhaust temperature is also increased and the side exhaust temperature will not be high. So I want to try it first in the summer without Cura, and then install it again next year to see the difference. Then also consider the location of Kula (I always think it’s not the best in front of the water tank)

In addition to replacing the gaskets, air intake pipes, oil return pipes, etc., we also dealt with the molten iron plugs. Some of them were replaced at the beginning. Basically, everything related to the waterway is almost the same. In addition to climbing the Sanyi Slope this summer, it will reach more than 80. Basically, it can be within 80. It is recommended that friends whose water temperature reaches over 90 or even over 100 should pay attention to the water temperature. The water temperature of diesel engines is really important.

Of course, the side exhaust should be enlarged, and the air intake should also be increased at the same time. Open an extra hole and use a breathing tube to pull it out so that the hot air from the engine room does not need to be sucked out. It can also be used with the diesel pump to increase the amount of fuel supplied. This time it is also installed In order to observe the water temperature, voltage and turbine meter more professionally (for self-draining, I choose the three rings of water temperature, turbine and self-draining oil temperature). It feels very powerful (still superficial) that there are more and more blue tubes.

The diesel pump was enlarged to 12mm, the surroundings were tidied up, and then the power was adjusted. This aspect really requires very professional knowledge. The current driving force and black smoke are pretty good. I know that some riders have also adjusted it at other stores. However, maybe I will try different ways of sorting the automatic exhaust later to see what the differences are. What’s interesting about diesel cars?

Because I often drive on the highway and drive at night, I have replaced all the LED bulbs in the car, which is much safer!

In fact, the biggest difference between our Aka and Japanese models is that almost all of them have flat roofs, while Delica four-wheel drive in Taiwan only has high roofs. In order to get better visual proportions of the high-roof lines by installing a roof rack , the roof pan is also chosen to be as close to the roof as possible, so that it is almost the same height as installing a roof rack on a flat roof!

Installing a roof rack allows you to legally change the height, and also changes the eight-seater to a five-seater, making it easier to inspect the car later!

Many people have also asked. I used crossbars from Buzz Rack. I shortened both sides to make it feel more integrated with the luggage tray. The roof tray is the JST flat-top type used by Jimny. After looking at it, it still looks like this. The perfect combination! It's a pity that the 2.5m length I want is not available. I originally wanted to order it separately, because I heard that JST will have a shorter version, which is almost the length I want when I put it together now, but... .I have been waiting for another half a year...I am thinking about actually ordering it, otherwise the 2.5m car side tent has not been installed yet.

But I like it very much at this stage. As soon as the modification is completed at the end of March, I will go to Taitung for a test drive! So cool, so good to drive, so handsome! ! (all talking by themselves)

I have always thought that the latter part is very plain and I like it very much, but after I finished the modification this time, I immediately wanted to change something later (I didn’t finish the modification in a day)

After taking this photo in Pingtung, Psycho Sang used it to help us draw handsome pictures!

Live your own life Go your own way

Live your own life and make your own way

Modify your own car!

The gray truck has accompanied me on many trips to the Beizhong Expressway. After the power change, of course I have to take the car to experience the changes of climbing the Sanyi Slope, and April is about to enter the summer! In fact, after changing the 30 tires at the beginning of the year, I found that it was a little laggy. This time the power returned to the car and I could blow the air-conditioner in fifth gear and go straight up the Sanyi slope. When I reached the top of the slope, the speed was 100 kilometers per hour and the water temperature was 83 degrees Celsius. Excellent!

(In the meantime, I replaced the air-conditioning speed booster, it’s a small matter)

I also went to the original factory to ask during the Chinese New Year, and they directly replaced the entire interior of the instrument assembly with a new set of instruments. I originally wanted to tidy up the interior and wanted to ask the original factory if there were any new products, but it turned out that there were indeed! (There are actually a lot of treasures to be found when playing Akka in China HSBC)

The previous article simply reattached the inside of the hood. As summer was about to enter, the temperature in the engine room became more and more noticeable. I went to Taiyuan Road to buy a shock pad. From here, I started optimizing the gray card myself, which took more than ten years. Wrap up the entire engine room in an hour (removing the old sound insulation cotton will make it feel cleaner), but remember to leave the screw locations for future repairs, especially the handbrake sheet metal that needs to be separated

Anti-collision paint was also sprayed on the wheel arches. Because it was anti-rust, only two cans were used for the four wheel arches. After this work, the sound insulation effect has been obviously improved.

I got addicted to the stickers and bought soundproof sponges for door panels (remember to use fireproof and non-absorbent ones)

It took another whole day to install the vibration damping and sound insulation on the seven door panels of the gray card. The most obvious thing is that the sound quality has improved! Moreover, the sound of opening and closing the door becomes solid and comfortable! (commonly known as double B quality, haha)

It’s my first time to attend Aka’s car gathering and get to know some car enthusiasts from Taipei, Oye

By the way, the stores that specialize in Akka are really busy right now.

4 + 2 life, but after playing Akka, I really ride less and less...

Paint directly on the roadside of Taichung No. 1 Middle School! Han Qing went to work in Taichung, and we had a meal together. He said he would write a note for me and take it to me in the car, and then go straight to work on the roadside after eating. Handsome guy! If you are interested in finding Han Qing’s calligraphy, please read this ( click this link )

The spare tire is carried on the front. The original place for the spare tire was intended to be a water tank. Once in a club, I saw a senior release a brand new galvanized iron water tank the size of a spare tire and I immediately put it away! Then I started to study how to set up the waterway and strengthen the installation method.

I also started looking for an old frame that I liked and wanted to replace it, and ended up buying two models of two models that were older than the gray card (I couldn’t find four of these models at the time). If I wanted to like it, I had to buy it first. Alright

It was the first time I went to a meat-killing factory to dig for treasures. It was also a very interesting experience. Now I go there almost every two weeks to kill meat (we take turns to see each place). I also take the opportunity to practice dismantling things, which is very helpful for building my own car ( laugh)

I killed a meter and tried polishing it, and it really worked! Then take it apart and organize it in your own car! I also accidentally discovered the mystery of some year differences, which is very interesting (by the way, the Aka instrument is easy to disassemble, so don’t trust too much in the mileage on it)

The old frame from Japan has also arrived. I went to check if it is really round and if there is no problem, I will proceed to the next step and send the aluminum ring to be painted and finished (not the first one is willing to take the order. The old frame is especially oxidized and it is very troublesome, but I have successfully found a good store willing to take over. ), which made me feel at ease to continue looking for another pair to play with.

It's a pity that the steering wheel I like cannot be installed, and I can't find the one I like for the time being (too many people install the Nardi type, but I think it would be great to organize it from the original factory). I will do other things first, and then go to Taiyuan Road to ask the boss about the heat insulation. Lay the base first

In fact, at this time in May, when the epidemic was getting more and more serious, I happened to be free at home and started to insulate the engine room again. I used the fireproof insulation material introduced by my boss, and then put the entire engine room where the shock pad was originally attached. It was re-paved, and the areas where the hood had been re-paved were removed, and double-layer sound insulation and heat insulation was remade!

To be honest, the effect is certainly better than the original one with only vibration damping pads. Although it is still impossible not to hear the sound of the Aka engine, and it is impossible to completely insulate it, especially in summer, it is really much different from the original one! But I will try the next one. Only the inside of the hood has a double layer of shock and sound insulation and heat insulation, and the outside only has heat insulation. Let’s see what the difference is.

The enlarged generator that I was waiting for before was also replaced with a new one, and the speed signal line was also processed. Fortunately, I had a gray card to accompany me to prevent the epidemic during this period, haha

The side ladder was installed, and time was allocated for the five-hole trailer rack, the installation of the rear water tank, and the custom-made rear bumper.

The practice board I just bought and the playing equipment are still in the car. At this time, I really don’t know when I will be able to exercise again.

Looking at my favorite American VAN inspired some inspiration, and I really want to get a rear snow window for Gray Card.

I am still sorting out the aluminum rims, and finally I found another pair. I will introduce this old frame ENKEI BAJA in the next episode.

The appearance I arranged myself is as good as new and comfortable! I also replaced the rear mirrors with new ones (I’m too lazy to explain why).

Then the trailer rack and water tank are also installed! It’s true that during the epidemic, you can only drive a car, but it is also a way to relieve stress.

I really like to see the color changes of the gray card under different light sources. I also like to take pictures when there are some good cars nearby. The gray card is handsome!

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1994 Delica L300 4x4 cement gray square light card one-year review (Part 2)

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