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1994 Delica L300 4x4 cement gray square light card one-year review (Part 1)

by May club 13 Sep 2021 0 Comments

I am playing with a Delica this year, and I am also grateful to Psycho Sang for drawing this picture for us. I am taking the opportunity of one year to review the finishing process of this Delica L300 4x4. Friends who are interested in getting involved can take a look at it. There are hundreds of photos, so they will be divided into upper, middle and lower sets.

1994 Delica L300 4x4 Cement Gray Square Light Card One Year Review (Part 2)

In fact, I have been wanting to buy a van for several years. In addition to carrying my own two-wheelers, it can also be used as a mobile cargo carrier for the two stores in Beizhong. Now during the epidemic, I can take less rides. In fact, all of the above are excuses. I just want to try to change to the fourth round after finishing the second round (laughs). Since I can’t go abroad for the time being because of the epidemic, I have more time to do things.

In the past, my impression of "Delica" was that it was very durable when going up mountains and seas. In fact, it seemed a bit different from the word "handsome". However, during a chat with a friend, I found that there was a L300 in Japan that had very nice modifications, so I did some research. The square lantern Delica has a deeper understanding that the appearance of square lanterns in Taiwan was only introduced for a very short period of time from 1992 to 1994! The four-wheel drive L300 happened to be born in Japan in 1986, the same year as I was born, so I was destined to buy it now!

Before buying the car, I read a lot of articles on major FB groups. Although I saw some cars on the Internet, this car was actually the first and only one I made an appointment to see. I met it for the first time at the end of August 2020. Perhaps the soul of driving a large truck came out again. When I sat in the driver's seat and tried the car, the corners of my mouth turned up unconsciously~

Yes, in the beginning it was Aka, which you might not have given a second glance when passing by on the road, but because it is so original, it definitely feels more fulfilling after finishing it!

(Just look at the photo below that Psycho refers to and you will know that it is much different)

This is a second-hand car owned by an uncle who has been driving it for 26 years. The mileage is only over 110,000, and the engine sound is also very beautiful. The uncle told me what he had just done for maintenance a while ago. It feels like the essence has been taken care of, but the appearance is still the same. Most people will retreat when they see it. I originally decided to do a major overhaul, so the appearance should not be too bad. I just checked all the key areas that may be corroded and there is no rust. Therefore, I bought it at a good price!

On the day of the transfer of ownership in early September, Abo's wife was still a little sad. After all, they had been in a relationship for more than 20 years. Abo also said that if it weren't for the height of the car, it would be a bit difficult for the other half, otherwise he would really be reluctant to change the car. After a year of sorting things out, it’s time to go back and show Abe what he looks like now. He should be reassured that Aka has found a good family (laughing)

Driving back from Hsinchu to Taichung, although there were no problems along the way, I still had to change all the important oil and water the next day.

The engine oil, filter element, transmission oil, front and rear differential oil, afterburner oil, new air filter, battery, and brake system were also inspected and replaced. In fact, the oil leaks are all very new (Abo did not deceive me), but These actions are the major maintenance that I think should be done first when buying any second-hand car. In terms of appearance, I couldn't stand the iron rims, so I replaced them with more handsome aluminum rims.

When I was reading this article, I learned about the controversial water temperature problem in Aka. In addition, some oil pipes and water pipes have been used for more than 20 years. To avoid trouble, they have been directly replaced and strengthened preventively. In short, let Aka become better as much as possible. that is!

A complete set of regular belt sets including water pumps, oil pump gears, etc., high-pressure oil pipes for generators, major and small explosion-proof water pipes, iron water pipes, and fan assemblies. These are almost all parts that can cause serious problems. The first step is to Replace it first, then change the water turtle to 71 degrees and start it earlier. Of course, I also added a simple water temperature voltmeter for easy observation. After all, old cars need more care (laughs)

Replace the radiator in front of the water tank and move it to the middle door position. On the one hand, the heat dissipation is better and it will not block the heat dissipation of the water tank. Then the air-conditioning system is also overhauled. The compressor, front right radiator and fan, air box, and Expansion valves, white stems, some aluminum pipes and switches are basically a once and for all solution. In addition to the heat dissipation problem of the Aka, the air-conditioning system is also poorly designed. I don't want to take the route of "fix whatever is broken", but I just plan to hurt it once, and this round will add up to another Aka's money. , but one year has passed, the water temperature is good, the air conditioning is good, and I am happy

Should I change the frame to look more handsome first?

I made an appointment with a paint factory in the south to open the shop before the end of September. I drove to Tainan at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour with the air-conditioning blowing. I was so happy! The water temperature is normal, and the car also carries an old front bumper with a square light card purchased from the butchery factory. This thing is becoming increasingly difficult to find...

Many friends will ask me about baking paint. First of all, you must understand that the paint itself, the size of the factory, and even the process and construction methods will affect the final price, and even the time. A cheap one that only handles exterior paint may cost RMB 20,000 to RMB 30,000, while an excellent full-vehicle treatment may cost upwards of RMB 100,000. Because I had made up my mind to dismantle the entire car and re-do the rust prevention, etc., and I wanted to finish it within two months (I wanted to use it in the RF event), but Delica itself was relatively few shops willing to do it (area, height) ), I asked the store that was willing to do it, and the price was around 100,000. It happened that a relative knew a master from the south, and the weather was relatively stable with little rain, so I finally decided on Tainan. Lao Sai calculated the price for my relatives and friends (no industrial and commercial, because Lao Saiming said he didn’t want to buy a second one), so if you ask me, I’d better prepare a book for you!

Of course, this book includes the cost of complete disassembly, replacement of the entire car’s rubber strips, anti-rust of the chassis, etc., plus you’ll know what’s missing as you read on.

On this Aka, I checked the driver's and passenger's pedals, the floors on both sides of the tailgate, under the center door frame, the joints of the roof rain gutters, and the center door window frames. These are the places where Delica is most susceptible to rust. I believe the previous owner said that he kept the car in the garage when he got home, but the front part was completely disassembled... maybe he drove it out in the rain quite often...

But this is also caused by the design of Delica. From the front rain gutter to the inside of the A-pillar along the rubber strip, as long as there is water, it will go like this, and the rust will also rust like this, and you can only see it after taking it apart, otherwise you will have to wait until it rains. After you have been out in the shower for a while, you will know that the carpet in front of you is wet.

But it doesn’t matter, I originally planned to rejuvenate Aka, these are all small things! It would be great if it can be cured, and it is much simpler than Green Vision! I like square lights, manual transmission, and double center doors. These all made me not want to buy the popular Green Vision in the first place.

In fact, Lao Sai told me that some people from the car factory came to his place and saw this car stripped, and they all said that the condition of this car was actually very good, and they were relieved.

And this is what many people asked me. This car has no color number, no color number, no color number.

I originally wanted to paint a more special color, but in the end I chose the cement gray that I have always liked. The earliest cement gray was the famous Nardo Grey. Of course, various car manufacturers have different interpretations. In recent years, there are also Grigo Medio and Grigio Telesto. I I especially like the latter, which is darker, but I also like the color in the sun. Different light sources have different effects, but I can't make this paint, so I'll do it myself!

At first, the paint sprayed out by the paint factory was relatively shallow (middle picture). Later, Lao Sai said that he could just let me mix what I wanted (if I say white, I will bear the consequences).

After about a month, the rusted areas were all taken care of. Structural glue, sheet metal glue, waterproof glue, etc. were all applied. The trim panel holes, antenna holes, rear mirrors, rear wipers, etc. that wanted to be repaired were also repaired. Full processing, sheet metal is done (not much soil is needed)

Chassis anti-rust is a marine anti-acid and alkali anti-rust paint. Lao Sai said it is better than asphalt. It is also used in some parts of the car to strengthen it. Then the whole machine is sprayed with metal primer. Lao Sai used it when he was young. For several original manufacturers, he also said that how to do it is to apply it layer by layer. Sometimes you can only see the outermost color of the cheap baking paint. You don’t know how many layers have been applied or even whether it has been put into the oven. He also specially took photos for them. Let me see (but my hands are a bit shaky and casual...)

It’s been a month and a half when it’s time to paint. Of course, I went directly to the site to see the effect of the color on a large area. In fact, many people only paint the outside, but why do I have to spend so much time on the inside? Because I will have to change the color in the future. The outside is better if you bake it, but the inside will last a long time this time! And this color inside is more versatile than green!

The rear floor mirror, rear wiper, and rear fascia are all gone, and it just looks neat! In fact, in addition to replacing the entire car's rubber strips, the heat-insulating paper was also attached because the glass was removed. The front windshield was also replaced with a new piece. Of course, the wipers were also replaced, and the canopy cloth and bags were also replaced. There are two leather chairs in front, and after taking out the grill and taking a shower, the whole thing is clean!

I didn’t help when it was being dismantled, but because I couldn’t wait to install it, I went to the paint factory to help for two days! I will also directly accumulate experience for some disassembly and assembly in the future, and Lao Sai is considered a relative and friend, so it is appropriate to help.

The four square lamps have also been replaced with new ones. The advantage of playing Lika is that there are still some materials from the original factory, and there are also many from the subsidiary factories. Even the meat-killing factory can still be found. Of course, it is possible to get it while it is still convenient. Just replace it with a new one!

It’s the first time I’ve been exposed to the sun and I adjusted the color myself. It’s so cool! Gray card officially reports! !

This round, I also directly sprayed another Aka’s money (laughs)

After nearly two months, we will finally drive back to Taichung at the end of November!

First go and install the front and rear driving recorders and an Android device, and install the reversing camera at the same time. It’s much more convenient than looking at the ground mirror! But I found that I didn’t actually use my Android phone much, so I installed an integrated rear mirror on the other one (suspected)

After arriving in Taipei, I washed the gray card for the first time the night before going camping. I hope that this trip up the mountain will be good. This is also the first time to sleep directly in the car overnight. It is very comfortable! I also hope that the more I do it, the more comfortable I will be!

Thanks to my friend for the photo. Next door is a newly purchased family account. I am a new car parker (laughs)

I ran some mountainous roads on this trip, and the chassis had some noise that was louder than that of Asomi, and the road feel was also worse. Although it only cost more than 110,000 yuan, it was a normal car for more than 20 years, so I would tell my friends later that I should buy it. Those with low mileage may not have spent anything on it, but like me, I also want to modify it myself to experience the difference from the original factory, and also know clearly what I have done and how long it will last. But if you buy one with high mileage, you may not be able to do it before. The car owner will help you spend it first.

I went to the factory again at the end of November. First of all, I replaced the entire steering gear unit, as well as the high-pressure oil pipe with serious oil leakage. I also reassembled the diesel filter element, installed the second-row seat belts (there are no seat belts in the latter part of this year), and installed the central control system for the entire vehicle. Check and install remote control and anti-theft system

Some of the aging rubber parts, such as gearbox feet and front anti-roll bars, were replaced with reinforced rubber, which looks sharp just by looking at the color (superficial). The front and rear brakes were replaced with metal oil pipes (this is actually not much, but to avoid problems with the old oil pipes, replace them with The heat dissipation effect of the metal is better), and later the first steel plate is replaced with a thicker one (it will carry the car after all), which is one of the reasons why it is higher than the original one.

All four shock absorbers use American Pro Comp es9000. To be honest, I really think Aka’s products are not expensive, and the modifications are not expensive either. Otherwise, you will know by trying other old cars, but it is really better to replace them all at once. That’s what I feel, haha

Almost the entire front system has been replaced, including the drive shaft, tripod, monk head, reinforced rubber, etc. It is obviously comfortable to drive and has a clear road feel, plus it no longer floats on the five-yang! This round the cost is another Akka! Many people think that Delica doesn’t have much money, so why spend it like this, but I think this is the car I drive myself. It is either carrying relatives and friends, store goods or heavy vehicles. What’s more, no matter how much I spend, it is cheaper than a new car. I think It’s worth it!

After camping, the second thing is to drive north to participate in activities

I don’t think anyone has ever used an Aka to carry a Harley... This bike is really tall and very long. The first time I pushed it, it got stuck in the chassis and I had to force it on. It’s 300kg and it’s no joke (I later changed the tire) At a higher level, you have to choose a place to get on the car), and it is directly fixed using the original chair locking point. In fact, thinking back on this year, I have only carried it six or seven times. I originally wanted to pretend to do anything, but then I stopped doing it. Yes. Anyway, you can take it if you need it.

But it’s really cool to drive your own car! The drive from Taichung to Taipei was smooth, and the car also carried some cargo. The gray card was super easy to use!

Although my dream is still to drive Haha in an old American VAN, I am very satisfied at this stage (I am happy when I see the car in the rearview mirror when driving on the road)

After the event, I switched to another old BMW and took it back to Taichung. This one was much easier to drive! However, I also found that Aka’s proper load capacity actually makes it easier to drive and more stable.

You can climb the Sanyi Slope with the air conditioner in fifth gear while riding a Harley. The highest water temperature is only in the early 80s. Later, I gradually discovered that some riders were experiencing weakness or the water temperature was too high. I found that the gray truck is really great!

Start preparing for the next trip. First, replace the old sound insulation and heat insulation materials in the engine room. This part will be improved in the next episode. Just take a look. Later, I went to Beizhong a few times. Is there any post? There was something wrong, but suddenly there was a metallic sound in the engine room. Fortunately, I went to check and it was just that the belt idler was out of service. It was a minor matter.

Then I went to modify the sound quality. In addition to improving the original ones, I also added tweeters and woofers, but it didn't cost much because the boss said it was useless if the installation was too good. The engine sound was so obvious and the door panels were not soundproof, etc. I’ll tell you if you really want to change it after it’s done (very honest)

This piece of cloth was just enough to be used to modify the chairs and door panels, but it was left on the car for about half a year before being modified...

It’s been more than 4 months since I bought the gray card, and the third thing I want to do is set off to travel around the island at the end of December!

It was the first time the gray truck entered Taiwan in the east. It was still very interesting to drive on the Su-Hua Highway. I also walked a short distance to the beach before arriving in Hualien. It was indeed the most suitable place for Aka!

Huadong traveled to many places. For more photos, you can view Xiaomei’s IG ( click this link )

I still remember that on the third day, Taitung was about to set off to the south and back to the west. I was still admiring the coastline from Taimali to Jinlun. I didn’t expect that not long after, there was a car accident on the Jinlun beach...

I made a phone call and determined that the clutch slave cylinder was out of service (at this time, I suddenly felt that if it was automatically discharged, it would be fine, but it might be bad for other things). The romance of old cars is that you can actually drive it hard with skills. It was repaired, but anyway, I had insurance to tow it for free, so I towed it. The big brother who came to help also specialized in four-wheel transmission. He had sorted out a lot of AKA in the past. He repaired it in a few minutes and let me go on the road again. I was thinking about it on the way back. To make the gray card healthier

Let’s watch the spare tire in front in the next episode! Gray card continues to evolve and become more handsome, to be continued ~

1994 Delica L300 4x4 Cement Gray Square Light Card One Year Review (Part 2)

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