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WESTRIDE 2021 Autumn and Winter Theme ONE MORE FROM THE ROAD

by 陳人傑 10 Sep 2021 0 Comments

2021 marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of WESTERN RIVER, a self-created brand WEST RIDE that is widely loved by knight friends. This year’s brand theme is based on the title of the concert album "ONE MORE FROM THE" released by the famous American band LYNYRD SKYNYRD in 1976. "ROAD" is a design concept that runs through spring, summer, autumn and winter. Just like in the lyrics, "Let's set off again towards the next journey gorgeously!", through powerful ideas and dynamic live performances, the reality unique to LYNYRD SKYNYRD is Just as it manifested itself in the eyes of the world and became a widely loved album masterpiece in rock history, WEST RIDE also used the word "FROM THE ROAD" to convey the brand's unwavering essence and ideas to everyone.

The United States is famous for its automobile industry. Due to its vast land, automobiles are still used as the main logistics medium, and they are also inseparable from people's lives. The original meaning of "ROAD" in English is "the connection between cities", and the word RIDE is also derived from this concept. At that time, people rode horses (RIDE) and walked along the road (ROAD) towards the next place. Moving forward with a clear destination is just like the United States in the seventeenth century, when people rode horses to immigrate to the West with goals and dreams in mind.

Such unique expressions of meaning in English as "THE ROAD TO PEACE" or "ON THE ROAD TO SUCCESS" are not just descriptions of distance, but also expressions of meaning. It emphasizes a kind of volitional investment, and it also represents that the United States, both as a country and as a people, takes the concept of ROAD as the foundation of life and thought!

The well-known album "ONE MORE FROM THE ROAD" contains a total of 14 songs, including TRAVELIN' MAN, SWEET HOME ALABAMA, CROSSROADS, TRUCK DRIVIN' MAN and the single of the same name, etc. Its content is not the usual sadness and joy between men and women. It is a joyful love story, but uses words such as RIDE or ROAD to interpret daily happiness and celebrate freedom. Singing loudly about the simple happiness brought by travel and daily life, its charming posture full of strength and pride not only It makes rock fans go crazy, and it also gets a lot of response and support from the American people!

During the 1976 U.S. presidential election, Democratic presidential candidate Jimmy Carter, a former governor of Georgia, invited many musicians, centered on LYNYRD SKYNYRD, to hold several charity concerts called SUNSHINE JAM to assist Carter. Gaining a lot of popularity, Carter eventually stood out in this presidential election.

Just like what they wanted to convey in the lyrics of the last song "CALL ME THE BREEZE" they played live, in this current situation where face-to-face cannot be faced, faced with the huge flow of information that continues to pour in every day, if you are not careful, you will Lost important direction in life. Only with "firm will and keep moving forward" will you eventually reach your path and find happiness every day!

In addition to the many original styles launched this autumn and winter, in order to commemorate the important milestone of its 30th anniversary this year, WEST RIDE has specially collaborated with WAREHOUSE, a popular Japanese replica brand that it cooperated with in the early days of its establishment, to create a series of joint items. The essence of the brand is to forget the original intention and continue to make breakthroughs. The content is very exciting. Friends who love WESTRIDE must not miss it! !

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