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Addict Clothes The mystery of the thickness of sheepskin leather clothing?

by 人傑 陳 29 Aug 2021 0 Comments

Recently, you can see four interview videos with the manager Mr. Ishishima on Addict Clothes IG, mainly focusing on the opportunity to open the store, the introduction of its original sheepskin and zippers, etc. Today we will also focus on Addict Clothes original sheepskin.

Most of the sheepskin items on the market conform to the public's established impression of "sheepskin = thin". For example, cowhide and horsehide originally have thicknesses ranging from 1.5 to 2mm, which can be thinned to a uniform thickness; but the common thinner sheepskin is only about 0.8~1mm, while the sheepskin used in Addict Clothes jackets falls between 1.5~ 1.7mm, if it is thinned to uniform thickness like cowhide or horsehide, it will be impossible to make a thick coat, so Addict Clothes, on the one hand, selects thick sheepskin as much as possible, and on the other hand, it also classifies leathers of different thicknesses. Different uses, such as thin leather used to make pockets, gloves, etc.

For AD-01 straight-pull leather jackets, because there are fewer overlapping parts, they are almost all made of thick sheepskin of the same thickness. The AD-10 BMC has four front pockets and a central double opening structure. If all thick sheepskin is used, it will not only be too heavy, but also affect the visual beauty. Therefore, a slightly thinner leather is deliberately used to make the overlapping parts. Cut into pieces, thereby retaining the softness and comfort of sheepskin material.

Even for items of the same style, the thickness of the leather will be slightly adjusted according to size and proportion, so that each item can maintain the same wearing balance. Sheepskin gloves are also based on the same concept of using thinner leather. Choose the thickness of the leather according to the different properties and needs of the item !

Compared with cows and horses, due to the smaller size of sheep, a sheepskin coat often requires many sheepskins to make. Addict Clothes uniformly classifies the leather raw materials and selects the appropriate thickness before sending them to the factory. Unified control is also the key to maintaining stable quality of leather clothing.

In addition to thickness, the ability to wear out the aged tea core feel of antique leather clothing more quickly is also a result of Addict Clothes’ extensive efforts and research in dyeing. The original sheepskin can be said to be the pride of the owner, Mr. Ishishima!

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