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Rare and famous mineral Bisbee Turquoise

by May club 29 Jul 2021 0 Comments

Turquoise, also known as turquoise, is a very legendary gemstone. The culture related to it can be traced back thousands of years. Cultural relics made of turquoise can be seen in the four major ancient civilizations. The most well-known in modern times is the American Indian culture. The Indians believe that turquoise represents the spirit of the ocean and blue sky. It is embedded in various jewelry as amulets to pray for health, happiness and other positive forces.

Among the turquoise mines that have been discovered around the world, the Bisbee Turquoise produced in the Lavender Pit, a well-known mining area in Arizona, in the southwestern United States, has high hardness and a unique blue color of multiple tones, which is also combined with a chocolate brown spiderweb pattern, like The charming texture like ink painting has also been praised as one of the top five in the international Turkish stone circle.

However, because Bisbee is buried quite deep underground, mining is difficult and dangerous. The mine has stopped mining and is no longer producing. This makes Bisbee even more precious, and the price increases year by year. .

MAY CLUB's original silver jewelry series has also been created with Bisbee many times, especially when paired with the Hunting Eagle. The charming color and the 18K gold eagle head complement each other even more brilliantly!

Chooke, the Indian silver jewelry brand we introduced, has collected a lot of Bisbee turquoise and even launched a series of Bisbee works for customization reference.

The Bisbee used in each item is unique, so if you see something you like on the official website, please don’t hesitate for too long, otherwise after the sale, you will not have the same Bisbee next time you order it. For those of you who like to be unique, of course, if you have any questions or ideas about customization, you are welcome to contact us to discuss.

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