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Iron Cross - Knight's Victory and Glory

by May club 05 Sep 2017 0 Comments

The Iron Cross and the Totenkopf, Swastika and SS logos are all reminiscent of the symbols of Nazi Germany, and are often cited by Outlaw Biker as a symbol of rebellious spirit in the motorcycle subculture.

( Via/ Danny Lyon: THE BIKERIDERS )

However, the Iron Cross actually appeared in the 17th century before the Nazis, and was used as the German army's lofty medal of honor. It was awarded to German combat heroes in important wars such as the Napoleonic Wars, the German-French War, World War I and World War II.

The origin of its cross emblem can be traced back to the legendary coat of arms of the Teutonic Knights in the 12th century; Teutonic comes from the English transliteration of the Latin word "Germany", which was the foundation of the later German Empire, and the Iron Cross emblem also It has become a representative symbol in German military history.

Although after the defeat of the Nazis in Germany in 1945, the Iron Cross with the Nazi swastika was prohibited from wearing, the new Iron Cross, which was replaced by a new design with the eagle as the center, is still the highest honorary medal of the Bundeswehr today.

The Iron Cross series we introduced this time is the latest collaboration between BWG and Chooke. It cleverly uses the spread-winged eagle on Morgan silver coins as the national emblem, and combines it with the shape of the Iron Cross badge that symbolizes victory and glory. It is a meaningful and beautiful presentation of the brand styles of both parties. Unique piece.

BACON For friends, it will definitely resonate a lot.

May club's 6th anniversary commemorative T-Shirt is designed by Japanese painting master Little Chop Design - Knuckle . It combines iron cross, helmet, piston and skull to present the classic elements of Outlaw in the lowbrow art style.

Whether you are a Harley rider, or simply like the style of American culture, or even if you have more stories about the Iron Cross, you are welcome to come to the store to chat and share with us.

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