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by May club 06 Oct 2017 0 Comments

VINTAGE MEXICAN BLANKET VEST As the name suggests, it is a vest made of old Mexican rainbow blankets. The full name is VINTAGE MEXICAN BLANKET SERAPE PONCHO FRINGE VEST. Some people also say it is NAVAJO RUG VEST. In fact, it can be used. This kind of blanket is made of Indian wool. The modified vest was worn by many knights in the 1960s and 1970s. It was an alternative to leather vests and denim vests, so it was also called OUTLAW BIKER VEST.

In the Japanese vintage market, it is also a favorite choice of BIKER. Just like WHITE PANTS, it brings a different feeling from leather pants and jeans. MEXICAN BLANKET VEST's beautiful color stripes also bring a different combination from leather vests and denim vests. Effect

West Ride first launched a printed T-shirt in a Mexican stripe style. Then, in order to present a more retro and old-fashioned wearing experience, West Ride specifically presented the texture and appearance of the blanket and originally developed a pure cotton with better comfort. Woven, the on-point color matching and texture present a vintage style, and the inner layer is made of pure cotton with thin bristles, which is comfortable and warm, and at the same time increases the overall stiffness of the vest!

The items with Mexican blanket texture have become West Ride's most recognizable series, and they are updated every season. This season's vest is made of beige and yellow, which are rare and precious in the antique market. The color is quite refreshing and the combination is also very eye-catching. Next Jackets of the same series will also be launched and will be introduced on the fan page one after another.

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