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Legendary skateboarder Steve Caballero’s motorcycle journey

by May club 30 Aug 2017 0 Comments

The legendary skateboarder Steve Caballero, jointly invited by Air Runner Custom Paint and VANS Taiwan , visited Taiwan a while ago, causing a stir in the skateboarding world. His great achievements in skateboarding are, in the words of Thrasher magazine, what he is - Skater of the Century.

In addition to inventing the Caballerial and Frontside Boardslide skateboarding moves, he is also one of the founders of the most famous skateboard team in history, Bones Brigade. Of course, he also participated in the filming of the most influential video work in the history of skateboarding - The Search for Animal Chin , which promoted the revolutionary innovation of street skateboarding. !

As a living legend, Caballero has also attracted attention in other fields. In addition to his love of music, art and comic book collection, Caballero has also been immersed in the culture of Kustom Kulture in recent years. This time he came to Taiwan not only for skateboarding exchanges and substitute Vans created a campaign for the 25th anniversary of his tailor-made Half Cab, and even exhibited its own artwork.

Caballero, who is a quarter of Japanese descent, is not only influenced by some Eastern culture, but also because his zodiac sign is dragon, so you can see that he often creates art works inspired by "dragon".

Motorcycle culture is inseparable from Kustom Kulture culture. Caballero fell in love with motorcycles almost at the same time as skateboarding. He found in motorcycles the same free spirit and symbol of rebellion as skateboarding. Interestingly, when CAB was a kid, he would also modify the fuel tank and add clickers on his bicycle to make engine noise...

When he became a professional racer in the 1980s, he immediately used the money he earned to buy his first motorcycle - a 1981 Honda MB5 50cc, followed by a 1988 Kawasaki Ninja 250 and a 1990 CBR 600. He pursued the thrill of speed before switching to a motorcycle. British car 1963 BSA Lightning 650, Norton Commando 750/850 in 1973 and 1974, and 1959 Ariel Square Four. Later, he also entered the world of off-road vehicles and hot rods. The wonderful experience seems to tell his love for motorcycles. Never stopped.

(Via/ Flat-Out Magazine )

(Via/ Good Guys )

The recent love for vintage motorcycles has attracted even more attention; among them, the 1944 Harley Davidson Flathead competing in The Race of Gentlemen was Caballero’s first Harley and first hand-shifted motorcycle. The 1952 Triumph “The Scout” on display at the Born Free venue was personally designed by him. It combines the classic appearance of the Scout from the pre-war Indian Motorcycle. It is an extremely rare and beautiful new look that combines British and American features. For this reason, he was invited to Yokohama. Mooneyes Hot Rod Custom Show Show Show.

Not just based on talent, but passion and courage to try. Steve Caballero once said: "What I learned in skateboarding is that you shouldn't wait for others to do what you want to do. You should act on what you want to do and do it." It doesn’t matter what comes out, what matters is that you try it!”

Caballero's noseslide performance at the Zhongli Skatepark that day moved everyone present. It is such a spirit of courage to try and never give up that created Steve Caballero's immortal legend.

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