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Horse leather may be different from what you think

by May club 04 Jan 2017 0 Comments

What is your impression of horsehide? When most people see the photo above, they may only think that one of them is horsehide, but in fact these three items are all horsehide. We have mentioned before that the leather tanning process and post-processing will affect the final presentation of the leather. , even famous tanneries will have lower-level products. Horsehide is not necessarily more expensive than cowhide, even horsehide is divided into grades.

For example, the Bad Quentin and West Ride horsehide we introduced this season. Many people will think it is bison leather at first glance. In fact, it is processed with both thickness and softness. Many people will ask why there is no tea in Addict clothes horsehide. The core is also because the boss insists that the quality he wants must be achieved through dyeing ~

Brands do not directly represent excellent styles, leather and workmanship. Really good leather jackets can only be experienced by wearing them in person. Tens of thousands of leather jackets can accompany you for a lifetime. See more, try more, and compare more. We have specially introduced many models. Leather jackets, waiting for you to appreciate them

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