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Addict Clothes recreates antique English leather zipper teeth in detail

by May club 03 Jan 2017 0 Comments

The position of the zipper teeth of Addict Clothes is also a link that cannot be ignored for Mr. Ishijima, the manager who focuses on pursuing old-fashioned details. American leather jackets from the 1960s to 1970s would cover the zipper cloth when sewing the zipper ( Just like AD-01), and most British leather jackets tend to be exposed! On Addict Clothes leather jackets, you can also see different styles with different configurations.

  • AD-01 The zipper cloth is closed and covered
  • AD-02 The zipper teeth are on the right
  • AD-03 The zipper teeth are exposed and the zipper teeth are centered.

This has nothing to do with good or bad. Just like hardware accessories, there are slight differences in different periods. Whether it is Highwayman, Lewis Leathers, TT Leather, rivetts, belstaff, kett, wolf... and other old British leather jacket manufacturers, there are many interesting ones. However, Addict Clothes has never compromised on these details or focused on convenience and uniformity. Instead, it has reproduced the original taste at a high level.

Looking around the world, only the Japanese are so particular about the collection and reproduction of vintage clothes! It's no wonder that many collectors who love British leather jackets from the 60's and 70's are willing to buy Addict Clothes "New Vintage".

Because of such attention to detail, even if there is no eye-catching logo, it can reveal the extremely sophisticated connotation of Addict Clothes in many places; for AD-01, even though many replica brands have produced similar styles, but you As long as you look closely at the leather hardware interior, etc., you can find the interesting differences, The Real "New Vintage".

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