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The mystery of British leather zippers that no one knows about

by May club 08 Jan 2017 0 Comments

Since Addict Clothes opened for customization, some friends have asked about the zipper cloth. What I would like to introduce to you is the interesting zipper cloth colors of old British leather jackets; at Addict Clothes, which focuses on the pursuit of old-fashioned details, whether it is in Leather tanning, hardware development, and stitching processing are all almost perfect! Even the color of the zipper cloth, yes! Even the color of the zipper cloth is hopelessly particular! I think there are probably not many people in Taiwan who can explain why the zippers of some British leather jackets have different color configurations, right?

On Addict Clothes' leather jackets, you will see that the main zipper cloth will be dark brown or gray, while the cuff zippers are all beige. This is actually different from the old British leather jackets of the 1960s and 1970s (eh) ? Don’t doubt it, let’s keep reading!) In fact, about 95% (except for some small brands) of British leather jackets at that time, such as Highwayman and Lewis Leathers, all had black zippers. Um?

(Via/ Travis Vintage & Used Clothing )

The above two pictures are of the 70's British rider jacket. The zipper fabric is also black. You read it right and I said it right. It just faded! At that time, the production technology and dye fixation were not as good as today. Therefore, after more than fifty years, the ultraviolet radiation of the sun will cause the textile fibers to fade! What’s even more interesting is that due to the riding position, the zipper fabric on the cuffs has been exposed to the sun for a longer period of time, so the color appears lighter and closer to beige! However, there are some British leather clothing replica brands that can only imitate their shapes but not their essence, which is a pity ~

Addict Clothes is loved by many tasteful people for its professional sophistication and high-level workmanship. At the same time, in order to present the charming retro charm of Vintage, the original leather is tanned and developed regardless of cost. Its rapid aging characteristics depend on your own regular use. When the leather fits your body shape, it will show your unique skin wrinkles. , the extremely exquisite old-fashioned details will be perfectly integrated, giving you the look that a real antique leather jacket should have! the VINTAGE is complete.

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