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A hand-made modification workshop hidden in the small town of Lukang - NOTORIOUS (basic model)

by May club 07 Mar 2017 0 Comments


In Japan’s knight culture, motorcycles and clothing complement each other. On a well-styled modified motorcycle, the rider’s clothing will have a great bonus effect; I still remember the first time I saw the “basic motorcycle” a year and a half ago. "Model", he had long hair and wore a suit with West Ride prisoners' horizontal stripes. It was clear that this man was not only focused on the car itself, but his love for motorcycle culture was comprehensive, even if he jumped off his Chopper , still exudes an Outlaw knight atmosphere.

Although he seemed a bit unapproachable due to his stern expression, however, after actually talking to him, he discovered that this person is actually very easy to get along with. When talking about his first impression of him, he said with a smile: "Just like when I first created the brand name Notorious, I probably wanted to give people a little more distance, so as to prevent unnecessary external troubles, because my main purpose is to modify the car. You have to come to me to discuss it if you have basic ideas. 』

There are always some ideas and persistence when it comes to modification. Although it is located far away in the small town of Lukang on the west coast, Notorious has continued to attract friends who really like handmade cars with its superb craftsmanship, and not only from the central region, but also from as far away as Kaohsiung , Taipei, there were people towing their cars to him for modification.

Environmental cultivation, style trend

The basic models that I grew up in Lukang, which has a long history, always seem to have a yearning for old-fashioned feelings, and they always go to the Old School route in terms of modification style; even the workshop is different from the general store format, in the huge In the tin house, in addition to the work area, the rest and office areas are decorated with warm wood, and the atmosphere created also inherits the old American style that it is good at.

The comfortable and relaxing resting space naturally gathers a group of car enthusiasts who love and chat about cars. They even founded the "Old School" team together, which is shortened from the name "Old School" that haunts the middle of the country (laughs). The basic principles of the founders are Therefore, he has another title of "Principal"!

Every road we travel is an experience

Maybe it’s the multiple jobs I was exposed to when I was young that created the solid foundation I have now! He has been exposed to film painters, which is very helpful from the concept of painting to pinstriping and even the proportional aesthetics of parts. The welding technology and mechanics of advertising billboard engineering have also laid the basic skills for car body modification.

Although modified cars are a basic field that he later entered out of interest, he relied on his great enthusiasm to study by himself on the Internet at the beginning. In recent years, he often flies abroad to visit Custom Shows and observe the works of some masters. , explore the structure, solder joints, wire take-up, etc. of the car body at close range, continue to overcome problems and improve capabilities. Up to now, whether it is a small car or a large car, there are amazing works coming out!

The dilemma of manual modification

It is actually difficult to make a living by hand-modified people. Let’s not talk about Taiwan’s outdated traffic laws. Even foreign hand-modified companies are sponsored by brands. After all, R&D kit parts can be mass-produced and sold, but this is not the case with hand-made cars. They often just buy a small part. Cutting and polishing takes several hours, just like the old spring-head front fork we commissioned Notorious to modify. In addition to many adjustments, the customization of the triangle table, calipers, and blinker brackets are all time costs that are difficult to calculate.

However, only with the support of passion for motorcycle culture can the basic model upgrade his interest to professionalism; the basic model said: "My wife often says that I am a stubborn person, and I often think about how to improve before going to bed in the middle of the night." . ”, and it is these uniquely customized and handmade details for each owner that are fascinating. I think the owner’s delighted expression is a great compliment to him.

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