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The sailor's dream of setting sail - BRAVO ZULU TATTOO (A Tong)

by May club 26 Apr 2017 0 Comments

sailor tattoo

Old School Tattoo is also known as American traditional tattoo. Its roots can be traced back to the 1700s. Later, the legendary tattoo master Norman Collins came into contact with Asian culture during his naval career. He integrated traditional tattoos with Eastern and Western cultures, establishing Sailor Jerry's trademark. Sex tattoo style, its designed images contain profound culture and sailor beliefs, and are loved by the public.

Ah Tong - can be said to be a leader in the field of American tattoos in Taiwan. He seems to have an indissoluble bond with his identity as a sailor. After graduating from Fuxing Art, he joined the Navy as a volunteer. In his spare time in the army, he continued to improve his painting skills and from His passion for American punk rock led him to enter the field of Old School tattooing. After retiring, he joined a friend's tattoo shop and laid a solid technical foundation.

In today's society, the concept of tattoos has become more and more acceptable. Many people choose to get tattoos on their bodies for different meanings, reasons or spiritual symbols. For Atong: "Sometimes it is more important than what to get a tattoo for. , liking the image you choose, or liking the tattoo itself, is more important to me.”

Therefore, he spends more time on creation and does not schedule his tattoo work to a full schedule, giving himself more time and space to draw and create the style he loves. The works are not limited to the simple lines and saturated colors inherent in the Old School, but also extend to the Neo Traditional field, combining the customer's ideas with more detailed color overlays and details to create works full of personal characteristics, uniqueness and soul.

Just like in a gallery, you can tell who the artist is by just one glance at some paintings, so Atong's creations also have such magic, and their distinctive and unique style has also won him many fans at home and abroad.

A sailor's dream of setting sail

After years of training, Atong finally raised his sails and sailed his own way; the new store name "BRAVO ZULU TATTOO" comes from a set of signs/communication signals used by the navy, with each letter of the alphabet Adopt control wording that is easier to understand and recognize, in which the two letters "BZ" are combined into "Bravo Zulu", which stands for Well done! It means praise for outstanding performance, and also symbolizes the expectation of being proud of one's tattoo work!

Navy-style decorations and furnishings can also be seen everywhere in the store, including hemp ropes, ship light hatches, lifebuoys and steep stairs that look like a ship's cabin! The graphic works on the wall also contain interesting stories between Old School Tattoo and sailors; sometimes sailors, in order to keep them as souvenirs, would choose their favorite tattoos from the pictures hanging on the wall at tattoo shops in the areas where they stopped during the voyage. So when you see a work you like in BRAVO ZULU TATTOO , feel free to tell Atong!

The tattoo work area is located on the second floor, while the first floor is another dream practice.

Cycling is like a sailor driving a sailboat, feeling the wind blowing and enjoying the thrill of driving. For more than ten years, I have always wanted to have my own space where I can repair cars, chat with my friends, etc., so BRAVO ZULU TATTOO The building takes the garage space as the starting point, where you can feel Atong’s preference and understanding of the other side of American culture. Combined with Kustom Kulture elements, antique gas pumps, light boxes, tool carts and some old motorcycle parts are used as embellishments to successfully create a beloved car. A comfortable space that one dreams of.


In Biker culture, especially Old School and Outlow styles are complementary to each other. When I first met Ah Shi, I had a very distinct impression of the 70's Biker. The traditional American tattoos and the Harley 883N modified Chopper Style. More importantly, the clothes he wore to support the whole thing. style.

To Atong, these subcultures are just different ways to express themselves, not to be unique. Many people are always accustomed to applying their own ideas to others without actually understanding them; in the case of martial arts training, every week Ah Tong, who practices Wing Chun, also mentioned: "Practicing boxing is not actually about hurting others, but about cultivating the mind and developing a stable mind."

Although Taiwan has become more accepting of foreign cultural influences in recent years, the general public still has a relatively negative impression of tattoos and modified cars. They are even classified as marginalized people or classified as drag racers. Few people are willing to A truly open attitude to contact and understand, this is also the current situation that May club wants to change, and to promote knight culture in more aspects.

And this time, we will also cooperate with BRAVO ZULU TATTOO to launch new works for the fifth anniversary. Thank you to our friends who have always supported May club!

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