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Chooke Refreshing Summer Wear - Antique white core blue bead necklace from the early 20th century

by May club 02 Jul 2018 0 Comments

Among the classic necklaces among Native Americans, in addition to the representative Pomegranate Flower & Naja we introduced previously, there is another necklace made of turquoise, similar to Sunku's Heishi Turquise work, originally from the Pueblo Indians People, controlled by the Navajo people through trade relationships, are generally called " JOCLA" (there are also similar spellings of JACKLA and JACLA).

Jocla means "Ear String" in the Navajo language. In fact, it is indeed used as a decoration for earrings, but when not worn, it is tied to a necklace to form a pair of ring pendants. It is mainly made of cut Tubular turquoise stones are connected in series, and the bottom is decorated with natural stones such as Heishi or coral.

This time Chooke is inspired by Jocla to launch his own style of work. Friends who are familiar with Chooke know that he is quite good at capturing the profound traditional Indian culture and integrating it with his own ideas. This limited edition, which took two years to release, is to collect antique white-core blue beads produced in Venice in the early 1900s.

Because they only existed for a very short period of time, they are rarer than antique white-core red beads. Their cylindrical shape is a major feature. In fact, most of the round glass beads seen by the outside world today may be produced in the Czech Republic rather than Venice in the old days.

Moreover, the antique white-core blue beads on Chooke's hand range from bright sapphire blue to sky blue, and even turquoise blue with green astringency. You can enjoy different levels of blue, which is also very popular among nature-loving Indians themselves. Color matching!

The bottom of the necklace is matched with white Heishi collected by various Santo Domingo tribes in the 1970s, and added with red antique white heart glass beads. With the beautiful sky of blue sky and white clouds, coupled with the earth represented by red, this color scheme is not only similar The earrings of the Navajo people also convey the Native American spirit of coexistence with nature!

With the addition of Chooke’s silver hooks made of silver coins, the whole thing is even more classy! In addition to being worn as a long necklace alone or with a pendant, it is also very stylish as a bracelet when wrapped three times! Since it is not easy to collect antique materials, this limited edition necklace will also be stopped at any time like the previous red bead bracelet and red bead necklace. Interested friends are welcome to visit the store as soon as possible.

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