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Simple retro casual military pants-Utility Baker Pants

by May club 06 Jul 2018 0 Comments

Utility Pants (Fatigue) are commonly known as Baker Pants in the United States. They appeared during the Vietnam War in the 1960s and were widely used by the US military at that time. They have the same OG-107 olive green color as the classic M-65 field jacket. The earlier ones had the classic HBT herringbone pattern. fabric, and later replaced by the more comfortable Satin fabric, and the loose leg cut also provides comfortable mobility.

The biggest identifying feature is the two L-shaped patch pockets on the front, and the ample storage space extending to the thighs, making the overall appearance simple and easy to match! Whether you like American retro or American coffee machines, or even casual wear mixed with formal wear, Street Fashion is a very popular choice of items.

Utility Pants spanned from the 1960s to the 1980s and were gradually replaced by BDU pants. They have a very representative status in the US military uniforms. Now we recommend you to have a better choice.

The Cycle Utility Pants launched by West Ride, although oriented to the needs of riders, are built on classic designs, with lovely details and a clear HBT herringbone pattern through special sulfur dyeing technology. Texture, after long-term use and washing, it will have a more charming antique feel.

The stiffer features and the modified, more fitting silhouette make it suitable for various styles, whether worn with trousers or folded up to expose ankles for a street look. At the same time, we also introduce Navy and refreshing styles. Natural color matching gives you more matching possibilities.

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