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May club Taiwan Run

by May club 29 Jun 2018 0 Comments

May club set out on a journey around the island in May this year with the new appearance of the Dyna-modified third-generation meter. Although many friends who were originally scheduled to go around the island were worried about the unstable weather and did not complete the journey due to the approaching front, it was still great to have you accompany me during the process. remember.

Fortunately, our four-day itinerary was not greatly affected by the weather. We avoided the annoying rain almost the entire time, and we also left more precious souvenirs of the beautiful scenery across Taiwan.

During the trip, Xiaomei wore a complete set of 1948XX & 1948JXX to speed up the development of tannins. When it rained, she put on the Cycle Windbreaker co-branded by West Ride and May club. The waterproof effect is quite good! OCEAN BEETLE's STR hat is equipped with a transparent windshield and ink film, which also provides excellent protection against rain and scorching sun, and performs well!

Comfortable and proper equipment also makes the journey more relaxed and enjoyable. This is the knight culture we like. Wear cool clothes, change clothes, ride happily, and enjoy life. No matter what the future holds, we will continue to do so!

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