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WEST RIDE holds two RUMBLING WHEELERS every year, because this event coincides with the 24th anniversary of WESTERN RIVER, the 13th anniversary of its own brand WEST RIDE, and the 10th anniversary expansion of RIVER TOWN, which was moved to the current location. As an invited overseas As an official agent, we have traveled thousands of miles to participate for the first time. We have quite exciting content reports. During the day, there are ART SHOWs by four artists and motorcycle-related modified accessories for sale. In the evening, there is also a very lively ANNIVERSARY PARTY limited to 200 people, allowing everyone to experience the authenticity. Japanese American culture and WEST RIDE’s charming BIKER charm

I woke up early in Tokyo and spent nearly four hours before arriving in Niigata. On the way to WESTERN RIVER, I could already see many heavy machines driving into RIVER TOWN. Even though it was only noon, there were already many handsome guys.

I have visited WESTERN RIVER several times before, so I won’t introduce much about the store. If you are interested, please read the previous articles.

☞First visit

☞Second visit

The store already has 10th anniversary limited edition products co-branded by major brands and WEST RIDE, including items specially made by Chooke, Arizona Freedom, Larry Smith, and four artists.

Among them, Chooke's special Dayu was all sold out on the same day. We also brought one back to our friends in Taiwan. As a result, it was quickly sold out as soon as it came back. It is very popular.

The Sissy bar with Chopper elements can be seen everywhere in the corner of the store. WEST RIDE also asked Chooke to make a prototype of the pendant. Many friends at the scene also discussed Chooke's jewelry, which is quite popular. The boss also hangs Chooke's guardian bell on his car.

There are many sights that are rare to see in Taiwan, as well as old Buco hats, some Panhead engines and many old Harley accessories displayed in the store. It can be seen that Boss has a strong attachment to the classic American Chopper knight culture of the 1960s and 1970s. I love it so much. Almost all the latest autumn and winter products this season are in Taiwan stores. Friends who like it can also come and browse.

Major Japanese riding magazines Up-sweep, Hot bike, Club Harley, Vise and many other magazines were also present to participate in the event. After all, they are also a representative brand that attracts considerable attention in the Japanese riding industry. As the content of the next issue of the report, OTA-san also provided us with Introduction, we had a great conversation, and I was very interested in the old car regulations and cultural differences between Taiwan and Japan (laughs)

COOL TATTOOING MASATO's group photo, and the editor-in-chief of Up-sweep also took the opportunity to join hands. Many people are very fond of MASATO's tattoo style. If you don't know it yet, please read the previous article.

MASATO Introduction

Masato is famous for his fast tattooing speed. Once the decision is made, the composition is completed in one go. In addition to requiring experience, it also requires a lot of ideas. This picture was given to Boss as a 46th birthday gift. It only took half the time to create it from scratch. It’s less than an hour, and it’s actually MASATO’s birthday that day, so we’ll finish the activities in the evening and go to celebrate his birthday.

Club Harley magazine also recorded how I tattooed MASATO, but this was actually the second day. I will share the finished product in the next article. Continue to read the report on the first day. MASATO was also very interested in coming to my shop, but I can't provide tattoos, but I can draw pictures. We will have a cooperation plan in the future. Please look forward to it. I also thank him for casually spraying an old T and giving it to me. I hope to see the same picture of MASATO in Taiwan soon.

Chooke also came to congratulate him. He also has a good relationship with the four artists. He was greeting everyone and chatting with PSYCHO about the works we brought for him to paint.

SIGN PAINT & PINSTRIPE artist PSYCHO used chalk to compose the picture a little, and then started to draw the thread directly. The skills accumulated over more than ten years are really impressive. He looked very handsome in person. If you don’t know him yet, please read the previous article.

PSYCHO Introduction

We have long-term cooperation with WEST RIDE and have accumulated many amazing works. This leather vest will also arrive later. If PSYCHO has the opportunity to come to Taiwan, you can also try to get your WEST RIDE and ask him to process it. Thank you for his work. The finishing touch to my car, I love it!

Another Lowbrow artist, LITTLE CHOP DESIGN - KNUCKLE, was also on hand to help us create our jackets directly by spray painting. He is also a super talented person who cannot be ignored. He is also very friendly and funny. We will meet again in the future and there are still some pieces that have not yet been completed. I didn’t get the item back because he was so popular here (laughs) . If you don’t know him yet, please read his previous article.

KNUCKLE Introduction

The last artist, WEED from General Design Work Studio, combines leather carving with tattoo-like coloring techniques to create a unique work that is unforgettable at first glance! Thank you for the gift he gave me. We will introduce some of his works in the future and then introduce this genius. You can get to know the articles I wrote before.

Introduction to WEED

This is produced by WEED for WEST RIDE Tokyo's new store, let everyone take a sneak peek (but the new Tokyo store just opened when this article was written, haha), and it is also the theme of this season's CHOPPER SAVED MY LIFE. From a distance, it looks like a painting. The close-up view of the leather carving and coloring effects will make you mesmerized. It is a wonderful work that is quite time-consuming and labor-intensive!

This is the first time I have been in contact with all four artists, and I have participated in the actual process of making their works. I have also brought back the artworks they made. I have had a great experience getting along with them, and there will be more cooperation in the near future. Let’s look forward to them coming to Taiwan to meet friends who also love this American knight culture:

The next article will be a very exciting event at night Let's PARTY time


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