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Chirihama Sand Flats Speedway 2015 9/27 (Day 2)

by May club 12 Oct 2015 0 Comments

I arrived at the venue at 9 a.m. the next day. The crowd was more than double that of yesterday. The charm of old cars is irresistible. Even in such a remote place, it is still full of passionate enthusiasts.

Please see here for the first day ☞ Chirihama Sand Flats Speedway 2015 9/26 (Day 1)

All the old cars before 1970 were in a free-for-all. Although old Harleys accounted for the majority, there were also some others such as Indian, Triumph or BSA. It was very fun to watch the different modified styles.

Today's racing girls are also full of energy, and their signature flag-waving movements are also one of the characteristics of Sand Flats Speedway. In addition, NBHD Takizawa and WEST RIDE's BOSS are also very popular at the scene. The two brands' soul figures are also attractive to compete. One of the reasons why people come to watch the game is that Takizawa ran two races today and BOSS ran three races (the more races he ran, the better the results).

In addition, the highlight of the second day is the HOT ROD competition. It is not too difficult to see the HOT ROD gathering in other places in Japan, but it is not so simple to see them run and compete. If you want to run on the beach, then probably Only here! The same statement can be applied to the many old cars appearing today, which give people a quite on-point atmosphere as if they were before the 1950s!

An interesting episode, the old fisherman’s fish fell from the car, and a bunch of people quickly asked him to come back and pick it up.

One of my favorites may have the same color scheme as my own car (laughs), but to be honest, you can’t see so many FLATHEAD or HOT ROD running in Taiwan. It’s really cool to see them live. Ah!

A video on the Internet makes watching it more enjoyable~

The car represents NBHD and WEST RIDE. Although they didn’t intend to get the name, I can feel that they also had a lot of fun.

The last scene of the BOSS is really cool! And the SPEEDWAY clothes worn by WEST RIDE RACING TEAM are also very eye-catching.

It was a very satisfying two-day event. Although I hope to get off the track and run it one day, for now I am very happy to be able to watch it. It will take another 5 hours to go back to Tokyo, but my mentality is very different from when I came. Sand Flats Speedway 2016 next year Must arrive!

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