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Chirihama Sand Flats Speedway 2015 9/26 (Day 1)

by May club 12 Oct 2015 0 Comments

I went to Japan for a business trip at the end of September. In fact, the main purpose was to participate in the Sand Flats Speedway event. Because I went to Tokyo to deal with some things the day before, I could only take the early morning Shinkansen to Kanazawa that day. Every time I come to Japan recently, I Running from east to west like this, I feel like I'm crazy. The fare and time I spend each time are just enough to fly back and forth to Japan...

After taking the Shinkansen for three hours, I arrived in Kanazawa. I took a short break to take photos of Kanazawa Station. I immediately transferred to the train and rode for more than half an hour to Haza Station . Then I walked another 20 minutes to Senrihama Beach. I got up at 6 a.m. and went to the event venue. It's almost noon! Especially when I was walking on the road and found no one at all (because everyone came by bike or car), I still felt crazy at this moment...

But as soon as I arrived at the beach and heard the sound of the engine, my whole body became energetic. Although today's event is considered an outpost, the focus will be tomorrow. The cars running today are all after 1970, which are relatively new in the eyes of the Japanese. The car is also faster, so a lot of people gathered at the scene to watch the race (it was in the middle of the day, and everyone was very excited)

In addition to straight-line acceleration, there is also a switchback run. The attributes are really different from the second day, but it is also quite interesting! As the weather turned cooler in the afternoon, there were more and more people, and more handsome guys gathered on the sidelines. They came here from all over Japan to prepare for tomorrow's event.

MASATO also drove his handsome car (introduced before ☞ click this article ) here from Nagoya, and the lineup of WEST RIDE RACING TEAM is even more exciting, from PANHEAD, KNUCKLEHEAD, FLATHEAD old Harleys to old Indians. Taiwan is older and more handsome than the other, and they are both preparing to compete tomorrow!

After chatting with BOSS, I listened to him talk about some details of modifications for the competition. I also wish him good luck tomorrow. Today's event just happened to come to an end, so BOSS and the others were also ready to go out for a test run. Seeing the scene of a group of old cars made people even more excited. It's tomorrow!

After watching the handsome looks of MASATO and BOSS, I went back to the hotel and went to bed early to prepare for more exciting activities the next day~

Click here for the next day ☞ Chirihama Sand Flats Speedway 2015 9/27 (Day 2)

If you want to know more about the first day, you can refer to this video on the Internet, because I was accidentally photographed in it (laughs)

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