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The artists’ ART SHOW during the day has come to an end. Friends who haven’t seen it can click this article


As night fell, the evening ANNIVERSARY PARTY was about to take place. The tickets, limited to 200 people, were all sold out immediately. There were dozens of additional invited guests. Everyone began to take their seats. First, the representative BOSS gave a speech, thanking everyone for their support over the years. With the support of friends, the Tokyo store is about to open, and the most important thing is that PARTY TIME begins! !

Not long after the event started, everyone was restless and gathered in front of the stage because they started playing games. There was also an unlimited supply of beer, cocktails, hot food, various refreshments, buffets, and super delicious steaks. I also hired someone to grill and make burgers so that I can eat them while participating in the event. Now I still drool when I think about the steak burgers (laughs)

There is also a professional DJ playing music at the scene, and the atmosphere is great. There are tables and chairs under the shed for a short rest. Groups of friends gather to chat. MASATO also came to chat with us at the same table, especially about STOP LIGHT because everyone is familiar with Takashi Takayama. , so there is a lot of gossip, and they can’t help but bring out their own items to play with and discuss.

I also talked about many items made by COOL TATTOOING MASATO, which are always sold out instantly. Many fans came to offer gifts at the scene. It can be seen that everyone loves MASATO, one of the representatives of Japanese knight culture, but I also heard that He only likes to be in contact with interested people. We had a great chat that night and were honored. We also just got back the last leather bracelet he recently issued. For those who are interested, please click here to take a look.

MASATO doesn’t drink, but Chooke, who drinks a lot, drinks one drink after another (laughs)

There will also be a BMX performance on site, and WESTERN RIVER's exclusive BMX team who loves American culture! There are also passionate boxing activities, and many handsome cars parked, everyone is wearing WEST RIDE

(This picture is taken from

Among them, this performance of riding a BMX over HOT ROD raised the atmosphere to the highest point!

And the lottery activities held continuously in the middle are also very popular! The whole party was completely smooth and everyone had a great time! In addition to WEST RIDE's own products, game prizes also include motorcycle modified accessories and gifts specially made by various artists!

The result is that children have the highest chance of winning (laughs)

One of the parts was so fun, Chooke even danced on stage

During the process, we also reached the finals several times, but unfortunately we lost in the end. It was really fun. The most enviable thing is that WEED’s wife won a leather jacket very hard! ! !

This is also one of the decorations of the new store in Tokyo, and the magazine editors present were not only doing interviews, but everyone was enjoying the party atmosphere and having a great time chatting.

Even though the party ended past midnight, everyone was still chatting! It can be seen that West Ride and these bikers are like friends and family, which is great! I stayed in Niigata for the night, and I had important things to do the next day (laughs)

The next day, there were still a lot of handsome guys gathered at the scene. Most of them had played too late and spent the night locally. Today they are going to ride back to various places in Japan, and Ota-san is also preparing for the main event. The store has a whole row of American leather jackets in stock. We choose I bought a piece that was just the right size. Because Club Harley is shooting a leather jacket feature, you can see me wearing a WEST RIDE American line classic leather jacket in the next issue of the magazine. This piece has also been brought back to Taiwan and will be officially launched in RIDE FREE 6.

Finally, the tattoo for MASATO has been completed. It is a classic 60s-70s old-school motorcycle gang style, with the words MAY CLUB added on it. I really like it. This time I came back with a full load. It was a very enjoyable event and it also allowed me to see the WEST RIDE in Japan. With the level of influence and dedication, I hope we can work hard to promote such a culture in Taiwan, come on!

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