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Classic half-zip pull-over racing suit from the early 20th century

by May club 09 Nov 2015 0 Comments

The most classic racing suit from 1920's ~ 1940's. At that time, leather jackets were not yet popular. Riders would wear this kind of woolen sweaters to show off their strong bodies, including some official acceleration races and hill climbs recognized by the American Motorcycle Association (AMA). They can be seen in competitions, exhibitions, etc.; most of them are pullover front open collar zipper or button styles for easy putting on, and their elastic tissue can also fit the body shape without hindering the riding action.

Just like today's racing cars, the team will embroider the team name on the front and back for identification, and local manufacturers and dealers will also add logos to increase exposure on the track. In addition, the motorcycle clubs at that time It should also be worn as a team uniform.

Below are some charming old photos from the Internet and Pinterest galleries. In addition to admiring old cars and events, you must get to know this most classic motorcycle clothing:

The above picture is a special introduction: the members in the picture are the famous 13 REBELS MOTORCYCLE CLUB cadres. 13 RMC was founded in 1937 and is also one of the MCs recognized by the American Motorcycle Association. Although it is not the oldest MC in the United States, it has excellent The racing tradition occupies an important position in the history of American motorcycles; one of the legendary members, Shell Thuet, is even considered the inspiration for Marlon Brando's character in the movie "The Wild One".

The picture below shows RACING JERSEY worn by Ross Langlitz, founder of the famous custom leather jacket Langlitz Leathers.

(Some pictures are taken from PINTEREST , THE BEST OF VINTAGE , AMTRAQ )

WEST RIDE is inspired by this classic racing cardigan and incorporates its own HEAVY BORDER sleeves. The classic 2-inch wide horizontal stripe gap has a great visual effect! For the original wool material setting, it was changed to the self-developed SUPER HEAVY 100% Tianzhu cotton material, which has thick strength and elasticity , and is closer to the requirements of modern riders in terms of wearing comfort and cleaning convenience. .

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