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by May club 19 Nov 2015 0 Comments


The RIDE FREE CUSTOM BIKE SHOW, organized by FREE BIKER magazine, which is dedicated to promoting Chopper culture and Street Custom , can be said to be Taiwan's largest annual knight event. This year, it enters its sixth edition. In addition to major car manufacturers and modified vehicles, the RIDE FREE CUSTOM BIKE SHOW In addition to the displays of stores and parts, there are also many exciting BIKER brands, clothing accessories, etc., which are closer to various elements of knight culture and rich activity content and competition performances.

westride in ridefree

MAY CLUB is also participating in the exhibition this year. As the Taiwan general agent of WEST RIDE, Japan's first-line knight clothing brand, we present a series of products that have arrived this autumn and winter, as well as a co-branded belt with Taiwan's most powerful knight leather brand URBAN SOUL. Let the on-site riders and riders have a sneak peek! We always believe that in addition to being properly modified, clothing is also indispensable for the integration of people and cars. People are more aggressive than cars. Wear cool equipment and be a handsome guy riding a handsome car.

This event was very successful, and we would like to thank all our friends for supporting our store this time! And we still have to take more photos of the venue, whether it’s the details of our decorations or the content of other activities. Although we didn’t take enough photos because we were very busy, we still hope to allow friends who can’t come to experience the scene together. Atmosphere, looking forward to participating next year^^

Click the link to see all photos ☞

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